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Trendmasters Godzilla Toys

trendmasters godzilla toys
  • Trendmasters was an American toy company most notable for their figures based on the Godzilla series, as well as the 1998 film of the same name. It closed it's doors in 2002, and it's IP assets were acquired by Jakks Pacific.
  • Godzilla (current tentative title) is an upcoming American-produced Sci-Fi/Kaiju film based upon the Japanese movie monster of the same name. It is the second Godzilla film to be produced by an American Hollywood film company.
  • A particularly enormous example (of something)
  • A person or thing likened to a frightful and menacing creature
  • Godzilla is a 1998 American action science fiction film directed and co-written by Roland Emmerich and starring Matthew Broderick, Jean Reno, Maria Pitillo and Hank Azaria. It is loosely based on the Japanese Godzilla franchise and is a re-imagining of the 1954 Japanese film of the same name.
  • Godzilla is a 30-minute animated series co-produced between Hanna-Barbera Productions and Toho in 1978 and aired on NBC in the US and TV Tokyo in Japan.
  • An object for a child to play with, typically a model or miniature replica of something
  • (toy) dally: behave carelessly or indifferently; "Play about with a young girl's affection"
  • A person treated by another as a source of pleasure or amusement rather than with due seriousness
  • An object, esp. a gadget or machine, regarded as providing amusement for an adult
  • (toy) a nonfunctional replica of something else (frequently used as a modifier); "a toy stove"
  • (toy) plaything: an artifact designed to be played with

Lords of Light and other Prototypes
Lords of Light and other Prototypes
A corner of my display shelves, showing my Lords of Light prototypes on display. (They're pictured individually elsewhere in my photostream.) Included in the case are a production Lords of Light Nepos and light stick packet, and there's an incomplete Topen up top there. The Space Glider is the vintage Mego sample pictured on Palisades' Micronauts packaging. He came to me bundled into a comp packet of misc stuff. His torso was badly cracked (which I've found on some vintage, still-packaged Micronauts) and his arms & waist are super-glued into a pose I recognized from Palisades' packaging. The Centaurus is a much later Palisades series 2 production sample (even though it has some uncolored parts like earlier test shots).
Trendmasters Godzilla and Gamera Prototypes
Trendmasters Godzilla and Gamera Prototypes
My shelf of prototype Godzilla and Gamera toys by Trendmasters (minus a couple of more recent additions). After Trendmasters went out of business, their prototypes flooded the market. Since I was a fan of their kaiju toy lines, the opportunity to build a nice collection of prototypes at a dirt cheap price was something I couldn't pass up. Most of these things here didn't cost more than $10 a pop.

trendmasters godzilla toys
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