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Best Toys For One Year Olds

best toys for one year olds
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Happy Days Toy Town
Happy Days Toy Town
I finally did it. I finally sold my FIAT X1/9. After seven-and-a-half years, the novelty had worn off, and I found that this, mixed with both a fear of adding to its miniscule mileage and a nervousness about damaging it, meant I was hardly using the thing. A few hundred miles a year didn’t seem a fair return for what it cost me to own. I am missing it terribly, but I just knew it was time to move on. The plan was to get rid of it, and put the money in the bank to help with moving house. I lasted nearly a week, before I started wondering what toy I could buy with it instead. Initial thoughts turned to some classic saloon cars; maybe something along the lines of a SAAB 99 or a Volvo 144, that I could use all year round without worrying that it might dissolve with the slightest mention of the “salt” word. Then I remembered that not only are they all rubbish to drive, but I’m not much of a tinkerer, and I’d inevitably have to tinker with something like that. With the sun beating down, I thought I’d have a look for a little sports car. My initial thoughts were a BMW Z3, but they were pushing it on the money front. I know MGFs are crap, so I didn’t even consider one of those, and I didn’t really want another Italian car as I may actually want to drive the thing. The MR2 Roadster and MX-5 seemed to fit the bill, although I didn’t realise the MR2 didn’t have a boot, and I need a boot; MX-5 it was then! I’ve never really hankered after one, but they do make a lot of sense; cheap, great to drive, and potentially bulletproof. After a call to Adrian Flux to check how much it would be to insure an MX-5, I discovered I’d need ?105 to cancel my classic car policy, or go for one that was over fifteen years old. I took a trip to a “specialist” to have a look at what they had in stock. What they had in stock was a load of overpriced dogs with shiny paint, although I was nearly seduced by a dark blue Eunos Roadster G-Limited they had in. After that, I checked out a couple which were advertised privately, but they were dogs too, albeit without the shiny paint. I then saw this one listed; a 1991 1.6 Eunos Roadster in Classic Red. I wasn’t really that fussed about the colour or the spoiler, but the advert read well, it came with a hardtop, and the guy on the phone was really friendly. After about ten minutes, I was sold. It was miles better than anything else I’d seen, and came with a mountain of bills that indicated that it had been pampered since arriving in the UK in 2005. Best of all, it was loads cheaper than all the crap I’d been to see previously. I’ve had it a week now, and it’s brilliant. I’m still not keen on the colour or the spoiler, but I can live with things like that, seeing as everything works as it should. I wish it was a bit lower, like the G-Limited one, but not sure I can be bothered doing anything about it. The silver-faced stereo may need to go, as it doesn’t really suit the interior, and has loads of fiddly buttons, but that’s quite easy to remedy. I may also have to do something about the wrinkly-dink sticker that poses as a speedometer, but at the moment, I’m happy just driving around, looking like a low-rent hairdresser. I am mighty impressed with the wheels, which I think are RS Watanabes, wrapped in Michelin boots. Not cheap, I wouldn’t have thought. Happy days!
My Haul
My Haul
So I didn't get an awful lot at the car boot sale but what I did get, I am very pleased with! I could have spent a fortune on toys but I was very good and restrained myself because I may be adding a new member to the dolly family soon so need to save my pennies! However, I did get a Bratz boy doll for ?1 which I got for his clothes! Alex is modelling the shorts which is the main item I got the doll for. The shorts are fabulous! Perfect for my boys! There is also a stripey rugby type top and a jacket. The sleeves on the jacket are a bit too long but the stripey top fits ok. The shorts are the best though. Very pleased!! The Woody is not for me!! My brother and his family are coming back to the UK from Australia to live in August so we have been looking for Toy Story toys for my nephew and this little Woody is the perfect size for him. If you press the second button on his chest, he speaks too! Dominik has to have his own Toy Story toys you see as he is not allowed to play with mine, hehe =) So he has his first Woody waiting here for him now! I also got a Goosebumps book. Yes. I know I am nearly 24 years old but I collect Goosebumps books still. They are hilarious and have been a godsend this last year while I've been having these problems with my teeth. With the pain, I just can't concentrate on anything too in depth so they have been perfect, haha! There were loads of them there but I forgot to take my list of the ones I already have so I only got this one as I have been looking for it for a while ^__^

best toys for one year olds
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