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About Berry and Martha
Berry W. Barnett, the earliest known Barnett in our line, was born around 1813 in South Carolina. Like many of his descendants, he was a farmer and possibly Baptist minister. In about 1833 he married Martha "Mattie" Blythe, who was born about 1816 in South Carolina to John and Rebecca Blythe. Berry and Martha lived most (perhaps all) of their married lives in Georgia and Alabama, their last known residence being Hokes Bluff, Etowah, Alabama in 1880. Their death and burial dates and locations remain unknown, but we suspect Berry and Martha died in Alabama in the early-to-mid-1880s (when several of their children uprooted their families from Alabama, settling in Arkansas and Texas). Together, Berry and Martha had eleven known children:
    1. Matthew Abraham Barnett (1834 - 1909)
     2. Lucy Ann Barnett (1836 - Aft. 1860)
    3. Nancy Ann Barnett (1837 - Abt. 1899)
     4. William P. Barnett (1838 - 1918)
    5. Rebecca Ann Barnett (1841 - 1895)
    6. Julia Ann Barnett (1844 - Bet. 1900 and 1910)
    7. Martha Ann Barnett (1845 - Aft. 1860)
    8. Berry Wilson "Wilse" Barnett (1847 - 1923)
    9. George Washington Barnett (1850 - 1929)
   10. John L. Barnett  (1854 - Bet. 1876 and 1880)
   11. Calvin J. Barnett (1858 - Aft. 1870)