Watch this video to see how to disable MySpace CSS and make pages look better.

In order to use this add-on, you'll need Firefox. It's free, and it's awesome.

MySpace is an amazing phenomenon. And it's not only amazing because it makes billions of dollars a year despite employing a staff of only around 300. MySpace is amazing because the default MySpace layouts leave much to be desired. And they don't give you the ability to change them. In fact, some people say that MySpace was not built to be customized. Some argue that if the creators intended to give people the power to customize it, they would have designed a customizable template structure like the ones found in blogger or livejournal. Despite this decision by the creators, MySpace has become wildly successful. It's partly due to the fact that MySpace can be customized. In fact, it can be heavily customized, but this is not a result of the original design. Thankfully, thousands of people around the world have gone out of their way to create MySpace add-ons that can be easily indoctrinated into a person's MySpace page.

Amusing MySpace stories stretch from here to the end of time. One of my favorites involves two teenagers. These teens attempted to hold MySpace to ransom by hacking the site and stealing users' personal information. They then threatened to unmask the secret of how they broke into the site unless MySpace paid them $150,000. Unfortunately for them, their plan went over like a lead balloon. MySpace pretended to agree to meet them and pay, and when the teens showed up, two undercover cops posing as MySpace employees arrested them.

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