Barman Duties

 Discover in detail the duties of barmen and other bar staff

This is a reference resource for bar workers – whether they be bar managers, bar owners, bar supervisors, senior bar staff, new employees, or those hoping to work in the bar industry - wishing to gain a good knowledge of bar duties. 


It is written by a barman with a decade’s experience of duty behind the bar, helping to run popular and successful establishments.


The Barman's Main Duties Are:


To take orders from customers and serve drinks in accordance with customers’ instructions.

To take orders for food and pass these to the staff responsible for food preparation.

To take payment from customers either by electronic transfer, or in cash, giving change to the customer as required.

To keep the bar and surrounding area clean and tidy e.g. drying drink spillages on the bar surface, collecting small pieces of litter dropped in the bar area.

To collect glasses from tables and from the bar itself, washing glasses and replacing glasses on racks and in storage areas ready for use. It should also be noted that glasses may also need to be collected from customer toilets / washrooms / restrooms, from outside the bar (e.g. beer garden or terrace) and from on top of fruit machines. 

 The Barman's Other Duties Are:


To welcome customers entering the bar area and maintain a friendly atmosphere. Bar staff should establish good relations with patrons.


To monitor stock levels, paying particular attention to use-by-dates on perishable goods, and order replacement deliveries as required.


To be a good representative of the bar establishment, paying attention to customer satisfaction and doing anything possible to improve the customer’s experience.


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