Committee Contacts

These are the people who arrange Monday evenings and many more things. Give any of them a shout if you’d like to play at the club, have any questions or contributions!

** If you'd like to play, contact the Presenter of your preferred date - see "Roster & Presenters" page **

Brett Smith - Equipment & Presenter

081 779 0558

Carlo Bidoli - Presenter

082 557 1465

Jessica Garvie - Presenter

083 368 6216

Martin Peterson - Chairman & Presenter

082 493 1564

Matt Roux - Presenter

082 419 3189

Patty Price - Presenter

082 377 7001

Uta Higgs - Treasurer, Presenter



If you'd like to get involved, here's some info on what the committee does:

Duties are shared according to personal preference and time available. Not all duties are carried out by all members. Below is a breakdown of the main duties:


The door keeper takes the money, registers new member subs and keeps an eye on any CDs the musos have for sale. This means sitting at the door for most of the evening, at least until the beginning of the last act, when we cash up.


The person on stage duty needs to do most of the running back and forth, ensuring that the musos have everything they need. The stage person should assist the sound man, including setting up before the show and breaking down afterwards. They need to be at the club by 19h15 and need to stay to the end.


This involves inviting musos a couple of weeks before the show, scheduling the evening and introducing the acts on the night. This is not as daunting a task as it might at first appear - we have a list of musos queuing up to appear. We try to mix newcomers or first timers on stage performers and at least one popular act on the same evening. If you are stuck for invites, any committee member will gladly furnish you with suggestions. The presenter also helps in setting up and breaking down equipment at the end of the evening.

There are also numerous other duties that you can become involved in, mostly revolving around communication and advertising. We have committee meetings at approximately monthly intervals. These are from 6.30 to 7.30 before the Monday night shows. All of this normally amounts to a couple of hours a week but input depends on the individual. The only commitment we ask for is that committee members do whatever they say they will do. Also check out the "Rosters" and "Contacts" pages of this website.