Annual Songwriters' Competition

As part  of the Barleycorn’s principal function, namely to promote & present the best local, original SA music, we arrange an annual Songwriters' competition with fantastic prizes. 

The 2018 competition was won on 27 August by Fruit Vendor with the song Bone to Bone - a brilliantly South African song about family - followed by Wineclub with "My Darling Louise" and Tracy Norman with "A Quiet Voice". 

Huge thanks to our competition sponsors, Mars Music, our wonderful judges (Clive Ridgway, Edi Niederlander, Louise Day, Nick Turner and Sarah McArthur) and of course all our entrants and finalists!


The 2019 competition closing date will likely be in August and the finals will be held within 2-3 weeks of the closing date.  Get writing!!