Elemental Journey
BARK (Beach Animals Reading with Kids)




Elemental Journey is a journal sent to Honda every few weeks to show how much I appreciate them giving me the Element and how it is touching the lives of many people, children, and animals.


ELEMENTAL JOURNEY - Part 25 (7/01-7/31/09)

7/21/09 Five bottle baby kittens arrived from Central LA - about a week old. 


7/02, 06, 09, 13/09 BARK has been sorting used books at Happy Okapi Books in Torrance.  For every few hours we sort, they give BARK two huge boxes of books!  In addition, they loaded up the E with books to give to some the elementary schools.  Books were delivered to Starr-King, Edison, Lafayette, and Bryant (Long beach) as well as Foster (Compton).




ELEMENTAL JOURNEY - Part 24 (6/01-6/30/09)

6/01 Pebbles is actually a boy!  His step-brother, Snowden, has come for some socialization.  


6/9 BARK attended the retirement celebration of Rowdy, who has worked as a therapy dog for more than ten years.

6/13 Checked in dogs at the free mobile Spay/Neuter Clinic in South LA put on by Downtown Dog Rescue.  101 dogs were fixed, mostly pit bulls and chihuahuas.  Owners were given free dog food, treats, collars, and beds.



6/13 Helped Linda with therapy dog evaluations in Cerritos.  18 dogs were certified.

6/17 BARK presentation for Downey Dog Obedience Group.


6/23 Helped with sorting at Happy Okapi Books who gave BARK three boxes of books for the BARK program.


6/24 Snowden and Pebbles (who needs a male name now) get neutered tomorrow and then go into rescue for adoption.

6/27 AngelDog Foundation and Downtown Dog Rescue spay/neuter clinic.  We fixed 50 dogs!


6/28 Youtube link about Peaches/EMMA , the pit bull, we helped Patricia rescue back in August (Elemental Journey #Part 12).


6/28 Black Lab that Amy and I helped rescue and get in to an adoption group last month.  She had surgery on her ears, looks great, and is in a foster home waiting to be adopted.



ELEMENTAL JOURNEY - Part 23 (5/01-05/30/09)

5/01/09  Groucho, Maggie, and I drove to Oroville (scene of the fires in 2008).  Met with Deb Trews of Butte County Animal Control as well as Donna and Matt Walters (who lost their house and three cats in the fires).  Donna and Matt will finally be moving into a house on their property in a few weeks.  Great to see their doing fine.


I tried to find Blue Sky (the dog I took care of and transported to UC Davis during the fires) and Donna and Matt knew where she was.  Her owner was not home, but Blue and her brother came running out to meet us.  Blue seemed to remember me as she immediately lay down on her back so I could rub her tummy (something I did for hours in the shelter). No leftover signs of her burns - she's happy and healthy.


5/1-4/09 Shopped every thrift store, flea market, and book sale for BARK supplies.


5/5/09 Drove home from Oakland loaded down with four rolling suitcases, eight blankets, 25 stuffed dogs, and 270 books for BARK!


5/11/09  Groucho listened to children read at Burnett Elementary in Long Beach.


5/14/09 11:00 am: Two stray dogs appeared a few blocks away, one with terrible open growths on her ears and the other close to emaciated. 

2:00 pm: Amy and I took them to our vet for vaccinations and initial antibiotics.  The ear growths are from fly strikes that have been untreated for years. 

4:30: We then took them to LB Animal Care Services as one had a microchip. (update as we hear more)

5/18 Karyl was trapping adult cats, but found a kitten that had fallen into a ditch.  His name is Antonio and he seems to be about four weeks old. He'll be staying with Groucho and I for two weeks.


5/22 Antonio went back to Karyl's as two tiny babies needed bottle feeding every two hours.  They are four days old and weigh 4-1/2 ounces each - no names yet.


5/27 Kittens went to the vet as the tiger-striped one seems to have Cerebral Hypoplasia (affectionally known as drunken kitty syndrome).  It seems to affect their equilibrium.  They need to be seen at the vet's in Huntington Beach so they've moved to fa oster person closer to the vet.


5/28 Groucho and I went to City of Azusa to do a presentation regarding Noahs Wish disaster services.  City employees LOVED getting some animal therapy along with information about Noahs Wish. 


5/29 This little one is from a litter of six, but is about half the size of her siblings.  Pebbles will stay with Groucho and I for some TLC. 

5/31 Update on the stray labs: they were never claimed by their owner.  They both look great after a little food, antibiotics, and good care.  The yellow lab is available for adoption through SPCALA in Long Beach.  Amy, Joyce, and sprung the black lab who just wanted to get in the car as fast as possible!  She will undergo spay surgery and repair of her ears on Friday.  She will be available for adoption through:

 SCLRR: Southern California Labrador Retriever Rescue (SCLRR)




ELEMENTAL JOURNEY - Part 22 (4/01-04/30/09)

4/3/09  Attended Petsmart Charities Relief Waggin’ training in Las Vegas.


4/6/09  Delivered 60 books to Bryant Elementary to give to kindergarten children on last day of school.


4/9/09  Presentation to Long Beach Animal Control regarding animal disaster preparedness.


4/13/09  Groucho listened to children at Moiola Elementary in Fountain Valley.

4/13/09  Groucho and I helped Linda with therapy dog evaluations in Downey.


4/14/09  Elise (from Sacramento) and I attended the kick-off of Long Beach Animal Control’s “Read to the Animals” program.



4/16-19/09  BARK had a booth at the Orange County Pet Expo.  Lots of great reactions from the general public.  Several schools would like BARK dogs and lots of people would like to join with their dogs.  BARK took in $1,000 in donations by selling donated stuffed toys.


4/20/09  Groucho and Curly (bull mastiff) listened to kids read at Moiola Elementary in Fountain Valley.



4/23/09  Groucho and I drove to Oakland to dog sit Maggie Bear while her parents went to a wedding out of town.


4/25/09 Visited Guide Dogs for the Blind where Groucho met up with his assistant trainer, Shannon, and her new dog, Sparks.



ELEMENTAL JOURNEY - Part 21 (3/01-03/31/09)

3/01/09 Salsa (a stray cat) had five kittens, two of whom (Tomatillo and Cayenne) were not putting on weight, so they came to Groucho and I for some bottle feeding and extra care.

3/3/09 Sorted books at Happy Okapi Books who donated two boxes to BARK.  Delivered crates and supplies to Julianne (an employee) who rescues cats and dogs.  


3/12/09 Cayenne went into a coma on three occasions (once for nine hours) and came out of them without any problems. Scared all of us. Groucho is learning to tolerate the kittens.



3/14/09  Noahs Wish animal disaster training was held in Glendora.


3/17/09  Groucho and I gave a speech about BARK to the Soroptomists of Lakewood.


3/22/09  Two rescued Brittany Spaniels (molly and pepper) from Kansas traveled 1,600 in 15 vehicles.  Groucho and I picked them up in Needles, CA and brought them to Los Angeles where they went to foster homes.


3/24/09  Delivered six humane traps to Long Beach Felines for trapping of a feral colony.


3/23/09  Newly Paul, a USC Graduate Journalism student, came to Ward Elementary in Downey to do a video project about BARK.

 YouTube - Reading with therapy dogs


3/26/09  Picked up boxes of donated stuffed toys from Downtown Dog Rescue.


3/29/09  Kittens taken to rescue for neutering and adoption. 


3/30/09  Groucho and Cookie welcome spring!

3/31/09  Delivered items to Soroptomist auction.


ELEMENTAL JOURNEY - Part 20 (2/01-02/28/09)

2/1/09   Groucho listened to kids read at Burnett Elementary in Long Beach.


2/2/09  Christine Devine of Fox News 11 came to Bryant Elementary to do a story about BARK.


2/09/09  Groucho listened to kids read at Burnett Elementary in Long Beach.


2/11/09  picked up supplies and delivered to Hemopet.


2/17/09  Groucho and I listened to kids at Bryant Elementary.

2/12/09 Helped sort donated books at Book Buddies.


2/25/09 BARK story aired on Fox 11 News! 

 Program Taking a New Approach to Reading


2/27/09 Groucho and I joined Mrs. Robinson from Bryant to attend the Business Partners breakfast for Long Beach Unified School District.


2/27/09  Picked up supplies and delivered to various rescues.


ELEMENTAL JOURNEY - Part 19 (1/01 - 1/30/09)

01/4/09  Picked up donated fabric and other items and delivered to Hemopet who will use it to stuff the dog's beds.


1/14/09 Groucho and I attended 2nd Honda Helpful Awards where three deserving people were given Hondas for their efforts to help in the community!  The event was held at the Peterson Automotive Museum and hosted by Christine Devine of Fox11 News.  See socalhonda.com for the winners' videos. 

1/17/09 Picked up donated X-pen in Simi Valley and a digital projector in Van Nuys.


1/21/09 Groucho listened to kids read at Burnett Elementary in Long Beach.

1/22/09  Groucho and I gave a presentation about animal disaster preparedness to LA County Area B (from Malibu toLancaster).


1/23/09 Picked up supplies and delivered to Hemopet.


1/23/09 Groucho and I listened to kids at Bryant Elementary. 

1/27/09  Groucho listened to kids read at Burnett Elementary in Long Beach.


1/29/09  Groucho and I delivered five bunnies (from a northern California hoarding situation) to Brambley Hedge Rescue in Scottsdale, Arizona.



ELEMENTAL JOURNEY - Part 18 (12/15-12/31/08)

12/31/08 Cookie Myers recently had surgery to her right hip. She came home via the Element so that she would have lots of room to lie comfortably.




12/31/08 Picked up more linens from the AIDS Assistance Thrift Shop and took them to Hemopet.


12/27/08 Tina, Ginny, Pumpkin, and Blackjack are all adopted.  Just handsome Cowboy is left from the litter of five.

12/21/08 Long Beach Felines met for a Christmas celebration. 

Josie, Mike, Mady, Karyl, Tamara, Marilyn

 Melanie, Pam, Groucho, and Patricia


12/16/08 As a reward, several 4th graders at Bryant Elementary read to Groucho.


ELEMENTAL JOURNEY - Part 17 (12/1- 12/15/08)

12/14/08 Picked up linens and delivered them to Elenor from C is for Cat who took them to animal rescue in Ensenada.


12/09/08 Groucho helped with the last day of session with Rusti at Henry Elementary.

12/05 Seal Beach Christmas Parade: 12 BARK dogs, 6 BARK students, and 4 Guide Dogs of America pups walked in the Seal Beach Christmas Parade.  BARK gave out 300 books (from Book Buddies) to kids along the parade route.

12/05 PM Delivered grocery cart (yes a grocery cart will fit standing up in an Element!) from Vons to the parade so that we didn't have to carry the books.

12/05 AM Transported supplies (and Groucho) to the parade.

12/03 Groucho helped with a service/therapy dog and animal disaster presentation for girl scouts in Manhattan Beach.

ELEMENTAL JOURNEY - Part 16 (11/1- 11/30/08)

11/26 Solo is now six weeks old and eating solid food.  He has grown up to be a strong and curious little boy.  He is off to Long Beach Felines where (when he is 2.5 pounds) he will get neutered and then go to adoption events. 

 11/25 Doris helps load the Element with more linens for Downtown Dog Rescue and the Hemopet greyhounds.

 11/21Last day of BARK session with Tower at MacArthur Elementary.  Groucho came along for extra listening powers.


11/19 Last day of BARK session with Rowdy at Ward Elementary in Downey. All kids were given a new book and a stuffed dog.

11/16 Noahs Wish was deployed to Diamond Bar High School to set up a temporary shelter during the fires.  Picked up another car-load of linens that were used at the temporary shelter.


 11/7 Filled up the Element with linens from the shelter and took them to Hemopet.  Groucho and Cookie helped with the delivery.



ELEMENTAL JOURNEY - Part 15 (10/1- 10/31/08)

10/28 Groucho helps put on another service/therapy dog presentation to 160 third-graders at Burnett Elementary.

10/26 Terry and Amy both pass the TDI test with Groucho and will be working with him in two different schools starting in January.

10/25  Terry (lower right) takes Groucho to visit seniors. 

10/24   Lori of Downtown Dog Rescue (who was a speaker), Jack Novoselski of Tampa Bay Beagle Rescue and Noahs Wish, and I attended the Best Friends No More Homeless Pets conference in Las Vegas.

 10/21/08 Make-A-Difference Day:  Groucho and I went with First Book to the Salvation Army in Torrance where we read to about 30 three, four, and five- year-olds and 15 senior citizens.  They all got to pet the dogs and the children were given brand new books from First Book.

10/19 This kitten was found in a gutter in Huntington Beach.  Only four days old - his name is Solo because he is "flying solo".  Groucho and I get to bottle feed him every 1.5 hours.


Groucho is finally warming up to tiny kittens and is letting this one snuggle next to him once in a while.


 10/19/08 Amy Myers (photographer/friend) and I helped Downtown Dog Rescue with another free mobile spay/neuter clinic in Inglewood where 40 more dogs were fixed.  

 10/17/08 Groucho, Rusti, and Amiko helped with service/therapy dog presentations to four third-grade classrooms at Monroe Elementary in Lakewood.

10/08/08 Groucho and I did three service/therapy dog presentations to third-graders at MacArthur Elementary in Long Beach.  They are studying "Rugby and Rosie", a book about a family raising a guide dog puppy.



ELEMENTAL JOURNEY - Part 14 (9/15-9/31/08)

 9/31Cowboy, Pumpkin, Blackjack, Ginny, and Tina are thriving and almost one pound each.



9/25-26 BARK suitcases were delivered to Bryant, Naples, Lee, Henry, MacArthur, and Ward elementary schools and are ready for BARK sessions to begin.

9/22 A few of the hundreds of stuffed dogs my aunt and uncle have collected from flea markets and garages sales in the valley.  Each student will get a dog at the end of the eight-week BARK session.


 9/18  Five 18-day old kittens were brought to me by SCE employees in Irwindale. They are bottle feeding about every two to three hours and doing well.


ELEMENTAL JOURNEY - Part 13 (9/01-9/15/08)

9/01 Left for Austin on Jet Blue who graciously discounted my ticket AND did not charge me for my second bag.  As the Jet Blue Supervisor said, "It just seemed like the right thing to do."  Rode Amtrak to Longview, TX where Noah's Wish volunteer, Jack, picked me up.


LSART (Lousiana State Animal Response Team) and Noah's Wish had been practicing getting everyone out of New Orleans with their pets and it sure worked.  Over 1,000 animals were cared for at the megashelter in Shreveport. 


All animals under the care of Noah's Wish were given free Frontline and Rabies vaccinations (whether they wanted them or not!).


When the state gave the okay for people to return home, small animals went home in crates on laps and large dogs or multiple animals went home in large crates on a tractor-trailers.  It took only two days to release 950 animals!

9/8 Took the long way home: bus to Longview, TX, Amtrak to Dallas, American Airlines to Austin, USAir to Phoenix (voluntarily deboarded and got a free ticket for later), and USAir home to Long Beach.


 9/13  Patricia and I took Peaches (who is looking and feeling much better than two weeks ago!) to Downtown Dog Rescue where she will get to play with other dogs and then be adopted to a good home. It is amazing what two weeks of love and care can do!



ELEMENTAL JOURNEY - Part 12 (8/01-8/31/08)

8/3 Groucho and I are fostering a very sweet, 8-week-old kitten (Stretch) who was left at an adoption event in Compton. Stretch is now living with several other kittens.

  8/9  Free Spay/Neuter Clinic in Compton:  Three of the spay/neuter    volunteers drive Honda Elements!

The Helpful Honda people came and passed out water bottles, car air fresheners, chapstick, and sunscreen.  They helped package treat/toy gift bags, assisted children with coloring, and even transported a dog home as there wasn't enough room for all three dogs in the owner's vehicle.

 8/29  Helped Patricia with a very sweet emaciated stray pit bull (Peaches) who recently had puppies (we don't know where they are) and is looking for a permanent home once she is in better health.



ELEMENTAL JOURNEY - Part 11 (7/12-7/31/08)

7/12 Picked up donations from Seal Beach shelter to take to evacuated animals in Butte County Fires.

7/12 left Long Beach at 9:00 pm and arrived At Las Plumas High School in Oroville at 4:00 am. 


Helped care for about 300 animals evacuated in the fires.

Sleeping with Blue Sky who survived the fire with severely burned paws.


Petsmart Charities donated an entire tractor-trailer full of supplies for the animals of people evacuated in the fires.

 7/14 Transported Blue Sky to UC Davis for specialized treatment of her burned paws and possible internal injuries.


 7/15 On the way home, picked up Larry in Modesto and transported him to Barbara of Cheasapeake Bay Retriever Rescue for some fattening up and lots of TLC before being adopted to a good home.

7/20 Dog sit for Bodie, a viszla, whose parents took care of Groucho while I was in Oroville.


 7/23 Helped distribute new books, donated by Book Buddies, to each child at Roosevelt Elementary in Long Beach.


7/30 Checked out  Mr. Joe's Farm in Mead Valley as a possible location for Noahs Wish training in 2009.  Lots of cool animals: alpaca, mini horses, camel, iguana, sheep, goats, chickens, turtles, and emus.


ELEMENTAL JOURNEY - Part 10 (7/01-7/12/08)

7/2 to 7/12: Groucho and I dog sat for KC in Huntington Beach.

7/8 Groucho and I attended ENLA (Emergency Network of LA) for Noahs Wish.


7/8 NW is deployed to Butte County again because of returning fire in Paradise area.



ELEMENTAL JOURNEY - Part 9 (6/15 -6/30/08)

Simon and Sylvia went to Pam's for spay/neuter and then will go to adoption events looking for permanent homes.

6/25 Loaded up the Element with all my gear and headed for Oroville where Noahs Wish was helping with evacuated animals at a temporary shelter at Spring Valley Elementary School.  500 miles in seven hours. XM Radio is a lifesaver - listened to George Carlin comedy the entire way.

Check out the tail wagging through the top of the crate!

We took care of about 200 animals including dogs, cats, a pig, birds, a bunny, a rat, and two chickens.


6/29 Eight hours to get home (25 MPG!).  The evacuation order was lifted that night and most of the animals are safe at home, as long as the fire doesn't backtrack least for the time being. Noahs Wish is also deployed in Indiana to help with the animals in the floods.


ELEMENTAL JOURNEY - Part 8 (6/01 -6/15/08)

6/1 Pam (LB Felines) and I went downtown to pick up bottle baby kittens - turns out they were about four months old (not 2-3 weeks) and very feral.  We took one for the woman and hopefully Pam can socialize the cat in the hope of adopting it out. We named her Pilikia (which means Trouble in Hawaiian).


Spent time with Pam's fosters and fell in love with Diesel (he must weigh at least 15 pounds!)  Total lap cat.


6/2 Set traps to catch a momma and her baby kitten near Pam's house. Caught two (Simon and Syliva) the next morning.  Sylvia is still a bit hissy.

6/5 Picked up donation of gigantic dog crate (biggest I've ever seen) and linens from thrift shop.  Sent crate to George, a fellow rescuer, and took linens to Hemopet.


6/8  Pam and I caught two more feral kittens (4 mos old) and took them to Clinico for spay/neuter.  Total so far is 3 adults and 4 kittens.


6/9 Licorice has a home!  He will be living in Los Feliz with a man who previously had shar-pei.  YAY!!!


6/9 & 10  Book Buddies provided 550 Pirates of the Carribean books and 650 Green Eggs and Ham books which BARK delivered to Bryant Elementary (Long Beach) and Foster Elementary (Compton). 

 Groucho still had a little bit of room with one of the loads of books.

6/10 While at Foster, I was asked to take a newly-born baby bird to Long Beach Animal Hospital.


6/12 Bryant Elementary School students all received either Green Eggs & Ham or Pirates of the Caribbean books on the last day of school.



ELEMENTAL JOURNEY - Part 7 (5/16 - 5/30/08)

Took pictures of Licorice, a dog that has been living in the kennel at a vet's office for two+ years.   Hopefully, he'll find a home soon.  He is part shar-pei and part unknown.

5/20 Groucho attends Junior Golf Day for special needs kids at Skylinks Golf Course.

5/20 Groucho and I attended a meeting of First Book - a nationwide volunteer group thats fundraises to provide books to low income children.

5/24 Picked up donations of blankets and towels and delivered them to Harbor Shelter in San Pedro.

5/26 Manny, Moe, and Jack are now off the bottle and on soft food.  They went into foster care so they can be neutered and then adopted.

5/29  Groucho and I went to Family Education Night at Foster Elementary in Compton where we distributed spay/neuter coloring books and answered pet care questions.

5/30 Picked up donated linens and delivered them to Hemopet.

ELEMENTAL JOURNEY - Part 6 (5/1 - 5/15/08)

5/01 Picked up 15  wire crates (provided at a discount by Harbor Freight Tools) and delivered to Lori at Downtown Dog Rescue to be used during spay/neuter clinics.

5/04 Picked up huge load of blankets and towels and delivered to Hemopet in Garden Grove.


5/06 Renee caught three kittens in a huge wire crate.  They are seven weeks old (born the day before the last s/n clinic) and, although the parents are feral, we'll try to socialize them.  

5/7:  Groucho went out in the yard, came back in, went back out, came back in.  I went to see what was going on and there, in the yard, was a bird that couldn't fly.  We captured it and took it to Long Beach Animal Hospital where, hopefully, they will be able to repair its wing.  It is a Grosbeak in the Finch family.


5/7 The three 7-week-old kittens went into foster care with LB Spay/Neuter and I took in three 3-week-old kittens that need to be bottle fed.


5/7 Picked up brand new books that were given to BARK by Book Buddies!  These books will be given to the children after they complete six-week session with BARK.


5/14 BARK (Rusti and Groucho) attends Roosevelt Elementary School Open House.  Brought treats and toys for fundraising.


ELEMENTAL JOURNEY - Part 5 (4/14 - 4/31/08)

4/14-18:  Picked up more donated items for BARK garage sale.   Everything  came by way of the Element.  I was even able to transport an upholstered loveseat!   When organized in the yard, it looked like this:

Grand total raised for BARK:  $1,545.00!! 


4/23: Picked up bookcases at Ikea.  Previously, all BARK supplies were in plastic containers.  Now we can find everything when we need it.


4/26: Brought cases of treats to and worked free spay/neuter clinic in Compton - 58 dogs fixed and 100 scheduled for future clinics.


4/20:  Facilitated presentation of books and materials from Geena Gelbart to four Long Beach elementary schools for Be Kind to Animals Week.


ELEMENTAL JOURNEY - Part 4 (4/1 - 4/15/08)

 4/2:  Groucho thinks he can drive now!


 4/5: Drove to the valley to pick up a free large yard box to store rescue supplies. 


4/5: Picked up shelving for BARK garage sale.


4/11, 12, 13: Load in and work Noahs Wish booth at  Pet Expo in OC. $900 was donated for the volunteer transportation fund! 


4/12:  Brought crates and worked spay/neuter clinic in Compton where 97 dogs were spayed/neutered!




ELEMENTAL JOURNEY- Part 3 (3/16 -3/31/08)


3/19:   Picked up donations and Maggie for dogsitting.


3/26:  Sonya at LB Honda showed me to how to put the rear seat back in – piece of cake!


3/27:   Chesapeake Bay Retriever Rescue posted a request to have a rescued Chessie transported from So. Cal. to the Sacramento area. Since we were heading up there anyway and had the room, we brought Luke along with us.


3/27:  I picked up Linda in  Long Beach and Amanda in the Valley.  All of our gear AND Luke fit in the Element!  At 1:00 pm, we headed north to Sacramento.  By 7:00 pm, we dropped Luke off with his new owner, Walter.


3/28:  Drove to Placerville where we attended a 3-day Noahs Wish Animal Disaster Training seminar.  Gave a presentation regarding service and therapy dogs AND played the Honda video (which everyone loved!)


 3/30: Drove home to Long Beach – wow is the Element comfortable for long-hauls!



ELEMENTAL JOURNEY – PART 2 (3/1 to 3/15/08)


3/4:  picked up donations for BARK garage sale from Kate.  Maggie (Kate's dog) wanted to come with Groucho, but we decided she should stay with her mom.

3/7: Read Across America Day at Bryant Elementary



3/11: picked up donations for Bark garage sale from Katy and Karley. 

 3/12: 4 feral cat traps and linen donation

 3/13: borrowed six feral cat traps.  I could only carry two traps in my old car. On 3/11, one of the traps fell over and made a loud sound which scared Groucho; so when I loaded these traps into the E, Groucho jumped into the front seat (which he NEVER does)

 3/15:  trapped six cats at Christine’s house in Signal Hill

 3/16:  Caught six cats and took them to Stray Cat Alliance feral spay/neuter clinic in Beverly Hills


ELEMENTAL JOURNEY – PART I (2/12 to 3/01/08)


2/12:  Received the new Element from Long Beach Honda!



2/13 Returned to LB Honda to have the seats taken out for me.  I don't know if they'll ever make it back inside!   


2/15: Picked up a full load of donated Freshies dog treats and distributed them to various rescue organizations throughout LA County.


2/16: Loaded up a table, chair, treats, and supplies for a BARK booth during the Bubble Bath event at Hemopet.   


2/18: Picked up a full load of huge bags of donated linens and took them to Hemopet (an organization that rescues greyhounds after racing at tracks). 


2/21: Picked up more linens and delivered them to Hemopet.


2/22: Pre-packed the E with eight crates as well as the linens and some dog beds. 

Left the E at Ann's house while I went to Slidell, Louisianna with Noahs Wish to help build a house for Habitat for Humanity. The first day, I was assigned to nailing bracing straps that keep the windows/doors attached to the house frame (this required 560 nails!).  The rest of the week I moved to a house requiring finish work.  I helped with cutting and fitting all the base-boards with mitred corners, installing door handles, and hanging doors.   I may not have used the E for this event, but by not having to save money for a new car, I was able to take time off to go! I returned home at 10 pm on Friday night. 


3/1:  6 am Saturday morning, took the pre-packed E to Compton where we spayed and neutered 85 dogs.  I finally left at 6:45 pm and, not surprisingly, slept ten hours that night!