Proposed Supporting Statutes

No law can work in the absence of supporting legislation. Accordingly, we also propose the adoption of the following two supporting statutes:

Supporting Statute One - Pertaining to the impounding of unlicensed dogs
All unlicensed dogs must be either immediately removed from the city limits or placed forthwith in a professional kennel until a license is secured.

Obviously, this supporting ordinance is necessary, because a noise law that has the suspension of the errant owner's dog license as its centerpiece is simply not going to work if people are free to keep unlicensed dogs within the city limit.

Supporting Statute Two - Pertaining to the impounding of unlicensed dogs
Any dog owner whose dog has been either permanently seized or banished from the city by municipal officials shall become ineligible to apply for a dog license for a period of five years thereafter.

Without a law like this in place, people could well find themselves having to fight the same battle with the same neighbor time after time, only with a different dog at issue each time.

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