Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is chronic barking really an important issue?
The World Health Organization, along with the United States Environmental Protection Agency, Johns Hopkins University, and some of the world's other leading research institutions, have revealed that noise, like that produced by a barking dog, is in fact a potentially debilitating toxin that can severely disrupt the human autonomic and endocrine systems.  The fact is, a barking dog next door can do much more than just upset you and keep you awake at night.  In just a matter of days, an overly vocal canine living within earshot can produce pronounced symptoms of systemic noise trauma.  Over time, a barking dog in a nearby yard can keep your blood pressure high enough for long enough to lead to an early death by way of heart attack or stroke.  Nothing could be more important than that.

Also, for some dogs, barking at people is part of a step-by-step, developmental process that results in the animals becoming vicious over time.  The City Council will need to recognize that and respond accordingly if we are to have any hope of ever bringing down our enormous number of dog attacks, which are now at epidemic levels.

2) Who is to blame for our region's barking epidemic?
There is no doubt about it whatsoever.  The barking problem we have here in Irvine was created by the City Council - three times over.  First by their failure to educate the dog owner about the proper parameters of canine socialization.  Then again by their failure to screen out the problematic owner before issuing him a license for his dog.  Then again a third time by their failure to pass a readily enforceable barking law that would have allowed the problem to have been remedied immediately after it began.

3) How can I best support the efforts of Barking Dogs Los Angeles to restore the acoustic integrity of our region?
Just send an email to to let us know that you would like to be placed on our list of supporters. That is all we really need. Nothing else is required of you.

4) Is there any sort of discussion or support group that focuses on the issue of barking dogs?
To converse with like-minded people, both local as well as from our sister organizations as we strategize about how to get our neighborhoods quieted down, or to commiserate about some barking dog nightmare you may currently be experiencing, go to the Barking Dogs Yahoo, Email Discussion Group, where you can correspond with other quiet-loving people by way of email.

5) What strategy do you recommend for getting my neighbor to quiet his dog?
If you have a neighbor with a barking dog and you want to try to solve the problem by dealing with him person to person, your best source of information is Section Two of  For advice on how best to quiet your neighbors dog by turning to the law and attempting to work through the legal system, go to Section Three of

6) How can I best quiet my own dog?
For information on how to quiet you own barking dog, go to Section One of

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