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Irvine's Barking Law Endangers the Public Health

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Experts tell us that the sound of a barking dog force-fed into human habitat constitutes a severe threat not only to one's sense of well being, but also to the health of all who dwell within. Indeed, the World Health Organization has identified noise as a debilitating toxin with the potential to devastate human health.  For documentation from some of the world's leading authorities on the subject that may help you better understand how truly hazardous to your health exposure to a barking dog can be, see The Deleterious Impact of Exposing People To Noise.

Indeed, anyone who believes that a dog barking frequently in the yard next door can be properly classified as a mere nuisance must surely also believe that cancer is a minor inconvenience.  When the essential character of your existence is transformed and the quality of your life is slashed, as they are when the sound of someone else's barking dog is force-fed into your home, that is not a "nuisance." That is a full-blown crisis. It is an emergency that warrants immediate action.

Nonetheless, despite the fact that noise, force-fed into the domestic environment, severely disrupts the functioning of the autonomic and endocrine systems, and even though, as documented in the above links, forced exposure to noise often results in increased drug use, substance abuse, emotional upset, and interpersonal conflict.  And even though the medical experts tell us that a barking dog next door can keep your blood pressure high enough for long enough to put you in an early grave, the City of Irvine has, nonetheless, saddled its citizens with a barking law that cannot be enforced.

The situation is that much more egregious if you take into account the fact that because it generates conflict and, thereby, drains police resources, and also because it increases the chances that people will be bitten by dogs, allowing the county's dogs to bark unchecked as the current law does, constitutes not only a bane to the public health, but also a threat to the public safety.

For that reason, we invite all the people of Irvine to join us in urging the city council to move at once to protect both the public health and safety by passing and implementing a new, highly effective, immediately enforceable anti-barking law that we have crafted and proposed for adoption in our jurisdiction.

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