White Extending Dining Table : Small Storage Coffee Table

White Extending Dining Table

white extending dining table
    dining table
  • a table at which meals are served; "he helped her clear the dining table"; "a feast was spread upon the board"
  • (Dining Tables) The first dining tables of which survivors remain are the type known as refectory tables. They are made usually of oak, and one of the earliest, at Penshurst Place in Kent, has a typical thick top of joined planks supported on three separate trestles.
  • A table is a type of furniture comprising an open, flat surface supported by a base or legs. It may be used to hold articles such as food or papers at a convenient or comfortable height when sitting, and is therefore often used in conjunction with chairs.
  • A table on which meals are served in a dining room
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white extending dining table - Extending the
Extending the Table: A World Community Cookbook
Extending the Table: A World Community Cookbook
Here's an opportunity for cooks to learn about our world and its wide variety of flavorful foods--Peach Chutney from Botswana, Ginger Cooler from the Ivory Coast, Rice Noodles with Vegetables from the Philippines. These wonderful recipes from more than 80 countries introduce foods from around the world. Some recipes have been adapted to reduce fat or shorten preparation time. Photos.

Extending the Table calls itself "a world community cookbook," but it is far more than that. Yes, there are recipes here from all over the globe: Sesame Spinach Salad from Korea, Hunter's Stew from Poland, and Watermelon Jan from Botswana. There are myriad rice dishes, lots of recipes featuring beans and lentils, and an array of delicious beverages--from Philippine Punch to a Ginger Cooler from the Ivory Coast. But what makes this cookbook so special is its social conscience: following the lead of Doris Janzen Longacre, author of the More-with-Less Cookbook, Extending the Table invites readers to reduce their own levels of consumption and share resources with others around the world. Even more, it encourages us to learn from the global community. In addition to the recipes, there are stories about both individuals and whole cultures, explanations of the importance of certain types of food in different lands, and the rituals that surround particular meals. Extending the Table is the work of the Mennonite Central Committee, and many of the contributors are missionaries whose faith in the values of humility, community, and respect for others imbues the pages of this thought-provoking book. Extending the Table is truly food for the body and soul!

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My Dream World (August 12, 2011 - Present)
My Dream World (August 12, 2011 - Present)
This is my "dream" or special photo in my entire photostream. Below shows you all the dreams, mostly the ones I only remembered, that I have experienced since August 12, 2011. I should've done this sooner, but better late than never. This is like my dream journal. Enjoy and get mystified! (August 12, 2011) - I was in front of Macy's in Eastridge Mall, I was with my parents, Jose and Bernadette Valerio and when we were exiting, there was a big thunderstorm outside with lots of lightning, heavy rain and wind! I quickly videoed as much as I could. I somehow saw some lightning bolts strike at the same spot! I don't think this happens in real life though. After the lightning subsided, the rain and wind continued howling. I think we just waited in the mall until the storm subsided. There were people inside as well, it was a little dark but the evening security lights were on... ([I think] August 17, 2011) - I dreamed that we were experiencing the changing poles of earth, like the possible 2012 event. I remembered seenign North America upside down, with California almost where Alaska would be today. Weather outside was gloomy, and unusually frigid. I then warped back home, saw my plants in the backyard quickly dying/folding up as if we were under a rare freeze advisory. I then was panicky and began to pray as hard as I could since I can tell the end of the world was imminent... [Both of these mini dreams occurred probably August 19, 2011] - Ok this was a "micro" dream, but awkward: I was at a random playground park and suddenly there were tons of kids and looks like they came from their country, more like tourists here. Then when it came time for them to leave, I heard one of them specifically say (while whining/crying cuz he didn't want to leave just yet), "I want to take more photographs..." - The other dream was at Disneyland (the one in Anaheim). We were riding the it's a small world ride and when it was nearly over (we were on the last room), the ride suddenly picked up speed, like as if it was drifing on the water, more like a roller coaster ride, almost felt the g-force as well! As we then left, I noticed I forgot my wallet. I went back to get my wallet and thankfully one of the workers there found it. I checked if all my money and things were there and yes, they were. I rememberd I had a straight $45... (August 20, 2011) - In this dream, I was around what appeared to be Gilroy and Monterey Combined! It's like Gilroy was around Marina/Watsonville, CA. Pretty weird eh? The weather appeared partly cloudy even though it had a slight chance of thunderstorms. I was with my mom on the freeway and we were going to some sort of service, goin to meet with Auntie Luz or so. It was late afternoon at the time, we were heading westward... Then I drifted into another mini dream after that; I was now at some sort of small jewelry store. I was with my sister and Richie. We were looking around the earrings and magnets of somesort. There were a few people in the store, saw a European couple. I know they're European since of their accent...The last thing I was looking at/holding/feeling before waking up was a diamond shaped earring... (August 25, 2011) - I was at the Supetrans' old house...and saw possibly the new owners. They were white. I was outside in the front, on the front driveway. Somehow I was competing against someone to for 2 new mountain bikes. I won the 2nd place bike. It had long handles, after what seems that I was "unfolding or extending" them! I remembered having trouble getting on the bike since it was so high! When I rode on it, it felt like a motorcycle, it was very fast! I asked the owner if I had to put fuel since it appeared to have a tank on the behind. I was then "warped" into the backyard, looks the same like in real life but somehow they added a patio. There's also a door that enters the house (of what is currently between the dining table and sink. I looked to the right before entering the house and saw like a stand of some sort... I heard the owner of the house say, "I need to put more tape on that stand..." Then I went inside the kitchen and I think we were planning to eat dinner... [September 1, 2011] - Ok, this was a bizarre dream. It first starts at my backyard...I was with my online friend, Shawn. He had a bit of medical emergency after having too much fun...with large bugs under there! I had to take him to the hospital/emergency...Then dream shows him playing his games on the TV in his hospital room by himself. I was with others, can't identify their faces but I think Fireaboveice was there... [September 2, 2011] - Dream starts at a weird, dirty bathroom...Actually saw Nina and prolly with her friend enter. (What, am I in the women's?!) The bathroom doors were all ugly and broken down, and toilet seats were high and the first door was like half. People can still see your bottom
Dining table, chairs
Dining table, chairs
This monster of a table isn't the most beautiful in the world, but it was incredibly well built by the Drexel company of Wisconsin in the mid 1980s. It extends to 14 feet, and even at that length a grown man can dance a jig on it thanks to the massive steel runners on the underside. It has suffered a bit while in our "care". We often use it for arts and crafts ($75). The two chairs with the white seats fold up. They must be from the 40s. I find them quite remarkable ($16 each). The two modern chairs with the black seats are incredibly handsome, sturdy, and comfortable ($24 each).

white extending dining table
white extending dining table
Munchkin Extending Metal Gate, White
Munchkin Extending Metal Gate
This sturdy gate fits everywhere from the top of the stairs to doorways and openings. It is hardware mounted, adjusts between 25" and 40" and has a height of 30.5". It features a detachable gate that is easily removed when not needed, as well as a wide walk-through section with 2 way opening and easy one-handed operation.

The Munchkin Extending Metal Gate offers a strong, secure gate that will keep your children and pets safe. The wall-mounted gate features a tilt mechanism that firmly fastens the gate while reducing damage to your walls. For convenience, the childproof handle is easy for adults to open, and the extra-wide gate can be set to swing open in only one or in both directions. When you're entertaining or need to remove the gate, it slides out easily.
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Extending Metal Gate

At a Glance:
30-1/2-inches high mounted and fits openings 25 to 40 inches wide
Designed with tilt mechanism for less stress on walls
Gate slides out easily when you need to remove
Door can be set to swing in either one or both directions
Durable steel construction with white surface
Extra-wide walkthrough for heavy traffic areas
Limited one-year warranty

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Munchkin Extending Metal Gate Product Shot
This gate features a tilting mechanism that firmly fastens it to the wall while reducing damage to the paint.
View larger.
Munchkin Extending Metal Gate Product Shot
Its swinging-door design allows you to use virtually the entire width of the gate as a walkthrough. View larger.
Tilt Mechanism for Security
The Munchkin Extending Metal Gate mounts quickly and securely. The tilt hinge mechanism helps absorb the strain placed on the wall mount whenever the gate is opened or closed, thereby minimizing damage to your walls. The handle opens easily for adults, but it's completely childproof. When you are entertaining or do not require use of the gate, the gate slides in and out easily.
Convenient Fit for Use Anywhere in Your Home
The gate can accommodate openings from 25 to 40 inches, so it's ideal for anywhere in your home--from kitchen doorways to the top of the stairs. It swings open in both directions for convenience. Or, you can set it to open in only one direction for extra security at the top of the stairs.
A swinging door design allows you access to virtually the entire width of the gate as a walkthrough. This extra-wide width is ideal for heavy traffic areas. You can also visit www.infantgates.com for easy-to-install instruction videos.
Made from Strong Steel Material
Made from steel material, the gate provides ultimate durability and strength. The clean white surface blends well with your home's easy, modern style. It measures 30-1/2 inches high, so it works for both toddlers and small pets.
The Munchkin Extending Metal Gate is backed by a limited one-year warranty.
About Munchkin: Tops Among Caregivers
Munchkin, Inc. is dedicated to creating useful products that make parenting fun, easy, and enjoyable in our modern world. It stands behind a wide range of feeding, safety, and travel products for babies and toddlers. Appreciative parents and caregivers spread positive word-of-mouth about the Munchkin products that make life safer and easier for their little ones. Munchkin holds over 100 patents with many more pending, and has been given over 30 industry awards.
What's in the Box
Extending Metal Gate (White), accessory kit, and instruction manaul.

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