Solid Oak Table Tops

solid oak table tops
    table tops
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solid oak table tops - American Easel
American Easel Solid Oak Table Top Easel-Golden Finish
American Easel Solid Oak Table Top Easel-Golden Finish
This beautiful solid oak table top easel offers many adjustable features to allow for various painting styles and mediums. No matter if you are using watercolors, oils or acrylics, you will discover the many benefits of this compact and attractive easel. Table top easel stands 30 inches tall with a base footprint of 18 inches by 18 inches and non skid rubber feet. Manufactured from premium quality Northern Oak with golden oak finish. Features adjustable canvas holders that will hold up to a 38 inch canvas. Little assembly required; folds flat for storage.

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Tokyo Solid Oak Side Table
Tokyo Solid Oak Side Table
This Side Table features classic clean lines. The entire Tokyo Oak collection is crafted from 100% solid Oak and given a natural finish that displays its fantastic grain structure. This absolutely stunning design is inspired by traditional Oriental antique furniture that features bowed tops and grooved details. The entire range comprises of pieces with ample storage space and a functional design. To protect your Solid Oak furniture, simply apply Danish oil 3-4 times per year.
Solid Red Oak Night Stand DIY
Solid Red Oak Night Stand DIY
we couldn't find affordable furniture to match, so I built this. It is solid red oak frame, poplar drawers, oak ply top and shelf. i need to do one more to to complete the bedroom set, but this was fun and rewarding.

solid oak table tops
solid oak table tops
Country Style White & Natural Finish Solid Oak Wood Top Dining Table
Country Style White & Natural Finish Solid Oak Wood Top Dining Table This is a brand new dining room table with a natural wood finish solid wood top and white finish wood base. The table is elegantly designed with semi-carvings underneat the table on the trim. The country style is brought out by the simple design and natural finish of the piece. This item is hand crafted with quality and its solid wood structure. Great for a dining room / dinette setting. Item may require simple assembly. Dimensions Measure: 30" x 48" x 30"H