Dining Sets Round Table. Work Table. Wood Bistro Table Set.

Dining Sets Round Table

dining sets round table
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dining sets round table - Office Star
Office Star 48-Inch Round Resin Multipurpose Table
Office Star 48-Inch Round Resin Multipurpose Table
48" Round Resin Multi Purpose Table

An economical, user-friendly choice for offices, classrooms, and events, Office Star's resin furniture offers lightweight yet durable solutions to workspace, dining, and seating needs. This 48-inch round multipurpose table features a heavy-duty white top crafted of waterproof, stainproof, scratch-, and impact-resistant blow-mold resin and a dark gray powder-coated steel frame for exceptional stability. Rubber end caps protect floors from damage, and the legs fold flat to allow stackable, space-saving storage. Measuring 29-1/4 inches high, the table holds up to 300 pounds and is ideal for indoor or outdoor use. Cleaning is easy, and the table weighs just 31 pounds so it can be set up and taken down by one person. --Kara Karll

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Dining Set: Semi-circle Console Table (Photo 1 of 2)
Dining Set: Semi-circle Console Table (Photo 1 of 2)
34"h 13"w 36"l Baker Furniture Dining set: (limited edition collectors set): 46" round dining table 16 1/2"h sidebar credenza 36"h 18"w 86"l semi circle side table 34"h 13"w 36"l 8 dining chairs. 6 with arms, 2 without Price for Set: $5,000 Original Price: $18,000
Planet /Eisner Dining Set
Planet /Eisner Dining Set
Featuring: - Planet round dining table with walnut top and polished chrome trumpet base - Black leather Eisner dining chairs - Sputnik ceiling light with mirrored bulbs - clear acrylic Romance hanging partitions

dining sets round table