Table bases for glass. Driftwood dining tables.

Table Bases For Glass

table bases for glass
    table bases
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Wood table base 1
Wood table base 1
I made a table! This is the wooden base for the white table, and i've set up some wooden blocks on it to give you a general idea of what I'm thinking the table will look like - the upright block is going to be the lamp's location, the other will be the glasses, and the container of nails is where the book will go. I've yet to determine where the picture frame will go.
Wood table base 2
Wood table base 2
So, basically, I'll be making a wood base for the table (check!), the loveseat, and the lamp, and then build up on the base with cardboard and paper mache. The other pieces - the glasses, book, and picture frame will have cardboard bases. Yup.

table bases for glass
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