Wild Blueberry Sorbet
~~ a printable barefoot kitchen witch recipe ~~


For simple syrup -

2 cups sugar

2 cups water

For fruit base -

6 cups wild blueberries (freshly picked or frozen - I like Wyman's)

What to do

1.  To make the simple syrup - combine sugar and water in sauce pan.  Stir well.  Heat on medium flame until sugar is completely dissolved.  Turn off flame and allow syrup to cool to room temperature.  Can be stored in the fridge for several weeks if tightly covered (so it doesn't absorb any odors).

2.  To prep the berries - if the berries are fresh, rinse them well and pick out any stray leaves, stems, or little branches.  Set aside the one cup of blueberries to be mixed in later.  Pour the other 5 cups into the bowl of your food processor (or a blender) and puree.

3.  Combine simple syrup with blueberry puree and strain.  (Combining the puree with the syrup helps in the straining process.)  You may still get a few tiny seeds or bits of skin in your final mixture, but that's okay.

4.  Cover the strained mixture and chill in the refrigerator at least an hour.

5.  Get out your ice cream maker, pour in the chilled blueberry mixture and process according to the manufacturer's instructions.

6.  Scrape the ice cream into a plastic container and stir in the remaining cup of blueberries.

7.  Freeze for a couple of hours before serving.