Barefoot Jax is a rock 'n' roll band on a journey. They simply want to write great songs, record them in their Bamboo Studio, and then play them live for their friends and fans alike!
They are inspired seasoned musicians:  Ferni D (drums), Erich Greiner (guitars),  Constantino "Tino"  Hernandez (bass) and Mark Johnston (guitars).  And oh yeah, they all sing! 

With four albums to the band’s credit they are currently rehearsing and recording new material. If you love classic rock, power pop, southern rock, blues, and even country rock then BFJ is the band for you.   And yes, if you happen to hear a late 70’s rock sensibility in their sound you would be right on. That was a great time for music!
What do you get if you take a great lyric with a catchy melody over big fat drums, a driving bass line, a cool guitar riff; then add a burning solo, some harmonies, and a chorus with a hook that you can’t get out of your head ? Well, that’s your basic Barefoot Jax song in a nut shell.

This is an opportunity for you to like a band that is not famous but writes great original music like you grew up on… Take a listen and go see them play.  Their song selection may also include some cool classic rock cover songs and blues tunes sprinkled in for fun! They are available for all original concerts as well as for clubs, bars, festivals, and special parties where they can include classic rock covers and blues tunes.  They enjoy both and will do whatever it takes for everyone to have a great time!
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"Living The Dream" - the hits by Barefoot Jax

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