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Points System

This points ranking system is newly instituted to motivate the sharing of ideas and creative activity between bards. The system is introduced by Chronicles on June 10, 2010. The basic point requirement system is as follows: 

Apprentice-to-Scribe: 50 points
Scribe-to-Poet: 100 Points
Poet-to-journeyman: 300 points
Journeyman-to-Bard: 500 points
Bard-to-Master Bard: 1000 Points

Please note: 0 is the base point for each Rank, e.g if a member's rank is Scribe and he has earned 100/100, he will be promoted to Poet and the point will be reset to 0. He will need to earn 300 points for the next promotion, and so on.

  • 3-10 points are awarded for each assignment(Art,poetry,ASCII art,etc), depending on its quality
  • 3 points for a member/members who are able to recruit unclanned people
  • 5-20 points for members who participate and help in organizing special events (Special events like poetry competition between members)
  • Clan Leaders may award up to 3 points, per month to any single member, as recognition or award for outstanding ideas or service