Mastering Shakespearian Monologues: A Workshop
For intermediate and advanced students
January 11, 2014 - 10 am - 3 pm
Cost: $40 per student.
Light snacks will be provided; students should bring their own lunch.
Laura Coulter will lead this workshop targeted at intermediate and advanced acting students. Shakespeare can be difficult for even experienced actors to approach effectively. Utilizing techniques culled from a variety of sources, including the Royal Shakespeare Company, students will be taught how to analyze the text, search out meaning, and decipher character and action clues. The workshop is open to students aged 10 - 90. THIS WORKSHOP IS NOT FOR BEGINNING ACTORS. Each participant will select a Shakespearian monologue and utilize the techniques presented to effectively and exuberantly perform it. We'll examine successful Shakespearian monologues and talk about the theory behind them, as well as how to make Shakespeare's characters spring to life.
For more information, or to pre-register, contact Laura Coulter at