Bards of Birmingham does not currently have auditions scheduled. Fall/winter shows will be cast in late July and August - stay tuned and check back with us then!
What should I bring to auditions?
1. A memorized monologue. This monologue should be no shorter than 30 seconds, no longer than 4 minutes.
2. A head shot. This doesn't have to be a professional headshot, but needs to accurately represent what you look like.
3. A resume. Highlight your acting and/or dancing experience, but please keep in mind that Bards DOES NOT require acting experience in order to be cast. If you have never been on stage before, but you're interested in giving acting a shot, you should come and audition. Lack of experience does not play a role in determining whether you will be cast.
What should I expect if I am cast?
1. Two to three rehearsals a week, until tech week draws near (at that point we will add rehearsals, in all likelihood). One of the weekly rehearsals will be scheduled on Saturday afternoons. The other 1-2 rehearsals will take place on weeknights. The weeknight rehearsal will be scheduled based on the conflicts of everyone on the cast.
2. All props and costumes are provided by the Bards. You will not be asked to provide your own costume or set or prop pieces.
3. Missing 3 or more rehearsals will mean that you are dropped from the cast, or assigned a smaller role, at the discretion of the director. Bards of Birmingham is very serious about attendance at rehearsals, as we feel that it is not possible to produce a professional, high-quality play without a high level of commitment from everyone involved.
4. Actors are asked to pay a supplies fee of $50 to cover the cost of Bards materials, such as copying and binding scripts, printing programs and publicity materials, costume creation, and set building. We charge this fee in lieu of asking actors to provide their own costumes, supplies, etc. IF YOU CANNOT AFFORD THIS FEE, OR IF THIS FEE WOULD DETER YOU FROM AUDITIONING, PLEASE KNOW THAT WE WILL OFFER SCHOLARSHIPS. In most cases, adult actors who are cast with largely youth casts are considered mentors, and because we ask them to take on a mentoring perspective, this $50 supplies fee is not charged. Bards believes that financial difficulty should NEVER be an obstacle to participating in theatre, so if you are at all concerned about this expense, please do not be. We will work with you rather than close you off from this opportunity.


Frequently Asked Questions About Auditions and Productions
Are parents permitted to watch auditions?
No. Parents are not allowed to watch either initial auditions or callbacks.
If my child is cast, how much will this play cost me?
Each actor is asked to pay a one-time supplies fee of $50, which allows Bards to purchase costume materials, props and set pieces, as well as to pay the bills involved in use of the facilities. Bards provides all costumes and props. It is possible that you will need to purchase makeup or hair supplies for your child as performance draws close. In addition, in the event that the production experiences a shortfall in funding, we may ask children to participate in a fund-raiser.
Are scholarships available?
Yes. Bards does not believe that financial hardship should prevent ANY child from participating in theatre. If your child would like to participate and earns a role in the play, but financial circumstances would make the $50 fee prohibitive, simply write a short paragraph, addressed to Laura Coulter, explaining your need for scholarship funding. Scholarship recipients are always notified privately so actors never become aware which young people are acting on scholarship.
My child wants to audition for the play, but has no acting experience. Does this mean that s/he won't get a role?
Not at all! Bards productions have featured actors who have never been on stage before, along with actors who have been performing since they could speak. Previous acting experience has no bearing on whether or not your child will be cast.
When are rehearsals?
Rehearsals will be held one night during the week and on Saturdays. Which weeknight is used for rehearsals will be determined based on which weeknight is most convenient for the entire cast. Saturday commitments will be lengthier as the play draws nearer, but for the most part will last 3-4 hours each Saturday. As production dates draw closer, it may be necessary to add rehearsals in order to make certain that the cast is fully prepared for production. Bards reserves the right to add rehearsals at directorial discretion.
Are parents permitted to watch rehearsals?
No. Parents will sign their children into rehearsal and then are asked to wait elsewhere until rehearsal is concluded. There are many areas in East Lake United Methodist Church in which parents would be comfortable waiting, or parents are welcome to leave and come back. If your child is not able to function in a rehearsal setting without a parent present, Bards believes that your child is not ready to be on stage.
Does Bards of Birmingham have a behavior policy?
Yes. All parents and/or guardians will be required to attend a mandatory meeting prior to the first rehearsal at which this policy will be explained in detail. In essentials, Bards has a zero-tolerance policy toward physical violence; one act of physical violence will result in a child being asked to leave the play. Our behavior policy also includes expectations in terms of attitude; respect for the director, stage manager, and other members of the cast is both expected and required. Name-calling, mockery of others, temper tantrums, disrespect for adults in authority, and unwillingness to pitch in when additional work is required are all reasons why a child might be ask to leave the play.
Does Bards of Birmingham have an attendance policy?
Yes. Three missed rehearsals will generally result in a child being dropped from the cast. (There are some very exceptional situations in which this might not be the case, based on directorial discretion.) One or more missed rehearsals might result in some of your child's lines being assigned to another actor in attendance at the relevant rehearsal. Although Bards understands that your family has a life outside of theatre and that 100% attendance at rehearsals is unlikely, it is impossible for us to prepare for a production unless actors are in attendance as much as possible. For this reason, actors and their families are asked to keep absences to a minimum, to inform the director, assistant director or stage manager when they will need to be absent, and to understand that absences will have consequences up to and including expulsion.

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