Bard of Bath Home

The Bard of Bath is the city's representative poet, singer or storyteller. The role continues the Iron-Age Celtic tradition where DRUIDS were the law-makers, judges and ceremonial leaders, OVATES were mediums, healers and prophets and BARDS were poets, musicians and history-keepers. All of them held high status and a place in mystical/religous circles.

The 15th and current Bard (20010/11) is Jennifer Walter.

A three-minute wonder featuring the 13th bard (Master Duncan)'s quest to become the bard is available to view at

   Master Duncan   Jack Dean                                                                                                                                        


The Bard

The Bardic Chair is held for a year, awarded by competition to the winning poet/singer/storyteller. The robe is blue and the Bard has a special chair Bardic Chair (made by local craftsman Rob Miller). 

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The Ovates
The Ovatian Chair is held for 3 years and is awarded to someone who works in healing, ecology or community work. Sue Cawthorne is the current Ovate.

The Druid

The Druid Chair is held for seven years, currently by Richard Carder.  He wears a white robe and is cool.