The Bhardo Group

Bhardo Consulting proudly provides a wide range of Intuitive Consulting services to the community. As a group, our main concern is for our clients and their well being. Our members have decades worth of experience, as well as a multitude of talents that they bring to the table. We'll do whatever is necessary to bring peace of mind to those in need due to life circumstance or paranormal/metaphysical occurrences in their lives.

Below is a list of some of the services we provide :

Tarot,Rune, and Intuitive Readings -

Some people just need a little advice and someone to talk to. No job is too small or unimportant for us. If a shoulder to cry on and some spiritual advice  and encouragement is what you need then give us a call. 

We now provide services online as well. Just contact us by email, or use the button below. 

House Cleansings and Blessings -

We'll work with you to bless and cleanse your home. This removes negative energy from your home and helps keep it protected from future intrusion. Our group will teach you how to ward your home and maintain it in order to create a new start for you and your family; and ensure a safe, happy future.

Paranormal Investigations -

Sometimes it isn't obvious what is bothering you and your loved ones. Many things, both mundane and paranormal, can contribute to a sense of unease or fear in a home. Our team will come in and investigate in order to figure out exactly what is causing the disturbance, in order to give you peace of mind.

If, at the end of an investigation, we learn it is a negative entity terrorizing your home, we'll work to remove it.

Police and Law Enforcement Consultation -

The Bhardo Consulting Group is ready and willing to assist any law enforcement agency in need of our services. 
Whether its insight into crimes and evidence in order to catch a perpetrator, or helping a victim deal with extreme circumstances, we'll do whatever we can.

As always, Bhardo Consulting strives to help people in need. Our main concern is our clients, PERIOD. We want to help you feel safe, find peace in your life, and hope in your future.