The purpose of the challenges is to encourage participants' creativity and artistic growth. 
They are not meant to be competitions - everyone who takes part can consider themselves a winner.

It is our wish to create a "bardic safe zone" - a friendly place to feel free to experiment, stretch yourself, and try new things. 
If you are a new to bardic and performing arts, recently returning, or an experienced performer with new material;
You'll be hard pressed to find a friendlier and more supportive audience.  (See below for general rules!)

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As part of our Twenty Year celebration, we invite attendees of past and future Bardic Madnesses 
- to assist in choosing the Challenges!

Please submit the form by July 15th, to vote for your favorite Challenges among those we selected from the Past.
We will use your choices to decide which will be in our Fyts for October!
~ Challenges to be published Late July ~

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Bardic Madness Midrealm XX - Select Your Challenges

Challenge General Rules

  • Challenges are not contests. You win by entering and striving to do the best you can.
  • Challenges are designed to encourage you to try your hand at something new, to stretch yourself, to enjoy, and celebrate the creative spirit.
  • Read the guidelines for the challenges carefully, like most exercises, they are designed to help you develop in specific areas.
    Try to follow them as closely as you can, but stretching them in unexpected directions is good too.
  • Individuals are welcome and encouraged to give recognition to those performers whom they especially enjoy.
  • In order to allow the largest number of people to participate, challenge entries shall be limited to 3-5 minutes or less for Poems and Songs, 5-7 minutes or less for stories - including any introduction or set up.
  • Each person may enter a maximum of one piece in each challenge and a maximum of four challenges, including the concert. 
    (At the end of a challenge, sometimes time is available and extra performers are called; these do not count towards the four.)
  • Groups of 2,3 or more performing together can appear together in up 4 challenges, including the concert.
    Individuals who participate in both group and solo performances are asked to use your best courtesy selecting challenges.