Bardess (beta)/Visual C#/++ Redist

June 12, 2013- Bardess 0.7prc


-Finished all Greater Technique demonstrations

-Tiled contents information display in a window

-Reduced text spam upon walking into a trap

-Fixed mouseover bugs on target marking

-Fixed revival items. Document the difference between incapacitation and death.

-Fixed pathfinding crashes. Start with 360o strike demonstration and work from there.

-Fixed crash on closing the keybindings window.

-The game now displays AI units' last action and add previous actions to a list for each unit (including the active unit), with timestamps just like the general message buffer has.

-Implemented on-the-fly ally commands

-Implemented a basic wave mode.

January 9, 2013- Bardess 0.6-2013

*Added more events based on characters' lesser techniques (All of Makura, Lyon, Shade and Volcane, some of Burkhard)
*Changed Vigoro's second greater technique from Tiger Pounce (Damage+2000 frames of immobilization) to Lingering Regret (Damage+150 frames of imminent doom).
*Shade's Dash unique ability uses 300 stamina instead of 250.
*Aggression changed. Provocation/fear/taunting/repelling are now handled by movement heuristics. Provocation no longer overrides units straight into attack.

August 11, 2012
- Bardess 0.6ANX Source Code

I'll continue to fix it up as needed, and I will update it as I make new versions. This is mainly for people in Rogue Temple who asked for this so they could make this game
playable on non-windows platforms. I will fully credit anyone who contributes to that goal. is the ANX framework, for anyone wanting to take this on. Of course I'll be doing my own work on the source code, but there are people with more experience with linux/mac coding who could probably do a better job at that specific aspect of it.

July 23, 2012- Version 0.6ANX

This version of Bardess should be able to run without requiring dependencies or XNA. The ANX Framework was meant to provide XNA functionality without tethering the game to the system and all its limitations. If it's successful in doing so, Linux and Mac users, as well as those without XNA's framework or the VS framework, should be able to run the game.

Bardess 0.6 ANX here.


Required external files:

XNA Framework 4.0
Visual Studio 2010 Framework (Redistributable)

Jun 13, 2012- One Year Milestone- Version 0.6prc here.

*Shade's Sprint UA replaced with Dash (a teleport of sorts)

*Burkhard's Mark UA targets enemies now, instead of choosing the closest.

*Speed system revamped. Recovery formulas streamlined.

*Unbreakable Stride now nullifies instant kill attacks without being consumed.

*Shade's Blinding Speed greater technique (learned at level 4) replaced with Bloodlust, which heals Shade whenever she deals damage for a limited time. It does not recover max hp.

*Unique Ability and Weapon tutorials (13 total) put into "events and challenges" mode. Walls, units and unit locations can be put in and modified easily, and non-randomly.

*A more informative HUD. It now shows the weapon, armor, and unique ability of the unit in question. The longsheet ('l' key by default) now has weapon, armor, move recovery and attack recovery information.

Mar 23, 2012- version 0.52 here

* Debuffs to stats now work properly. Before, they basically had zero effect, now they lower the affected stat by 25% (Shade's ~ break techniques, Venomous Dagger), 50% (Shade's Wide Awake Nightmare), or 5/cumulative per hit (Shade's Blitzkrieg). The Venomous Dagger and Wide Awake Nightmare affect Vitality, making enemies more susceptible to further debuffs.

* Enemy stats have been narrowed slightly. Peaks have been lowered and valleys have been raised.

* Each character class now has 2 alternate sets of armor. Alternate armor has one drawback and one benefit.

* Glyph of Bloodlust replaced with Glyph of Blessings (Adds a random bonus to damage, healing and status potency between 1 and 20%, checked each instance.)

* Guard now works on a 1:1 relationship between health and stamina. In addition, Counterattack has been moved to level 2 with Intervention (formerly Protect) at level 6. Intervention puts Lyon in a guard stance -before- taking the attack for the other unit.

Mar 4, 2012- version 0.51 here

* HUD is more legible, flexible with window size.

* Allies show their recovery value in addition to their current HP in multi-character games.

* Allowed log saves after defeat and victory, with frame timestamps.

* Improved the timing system. Actions don't happen in chunks anymore, but on the frames they're supposed to.

* Greater Techniques are significantly faster. Before, it was a crapshoot getting them out at a time you were even remotely threatened.

* Concentrate (Makura's Unique Ability) has a recovery cost based on speed instead of a flat 100.

* Fixed a latent bug with timing in which ranged weapons requiring a target could be fired off infinitely as long as the user didn't move, with no response from the rest of the game.

* Changed the way the Life Surge trait and the Lament of Life greater technique work. The life surge causes gradual HP regen after 50 frames without taking damage. LoL will immediately bring HP up to the maximum (without healing wounds) after 50 frames, and it will cause regeneration as long as it's active. LoL still causes a healing song's worth of HP restoration once it's activated.

* Confusion, charm, fear and provocation now work as intended. They will render a unit uncontrollable and force an active unit switch if a party member is hit with it and there's another party member that's unaffected. Fear prevents melee attacks and halves the rate of ranged ones in the AI. Provocation prioritizes melee attacks above all else. If the only conscious unit is affected by these statuses, it will still act automatically for the duration.Confusion randomizes nearly every aspect of artificial intelligence while avoiding impossible actions. Charm will change targeting choices based on unit alliances.

*Status durations no longer tick down during invalid actions.

*Fixed out-of-bounds errors with knockback techniques pushing units to the edge of the map.

*Makura/the Bard's second lesser technique (Suppress) has been replaced with Divine Shout, a range 0, area 3 ability that knocks foes back by a distance based on Makura's technique value. The LT was meant to close a very serious gap in her ability to deal with ambushes and surrounding enemies.

*Glyphs that accelerate technique recharge now do it based on a fixed percentage of the cooldown the technique has rather than the damage dealt.

*Fixed a bug that prevented AI characters that had greater techniques costing 50000 power from using them

*Downed characters can get autorevived after spending 1000 frames downed, as long as Makura is in the party at level 2 or greater. They get up with very little HP, but regenerate it immediately.

*Allowed the option to suppress allied messages

*Removed second-person and gendered language from messages, to keep them from being chained to a specific perspective

Jan 21, 2012-  0.5 (complete) version here



Character selection and item purchasing (with 1 unit/100 enemy dungeon)
Character selection/item purchasing with 6 units and a 400 enemy dungeon
The intro/mode selection screen

Gameplay: 1 2 3 4

Bugs fixed and changes made:

LOS issues
[Expected difficulty is rated from 1-4. 1 is easy, 4 is incredibly difficult]
1) LOS problems with inconsistent blocking of sight (air blocking) (Solved)
2) Some visibility through walls (Edit: Visibility radius still 15m) (Solved)
3) Visible stuff should be distinct to explored stuff (Solved)
4) 'E'xamining should show the target marker but not the range markers, which obscure the data (Solved)

UI issues

5) Healing Song (Makura's lesser technique learned at level 1) still doesn't seem to update the active unit's HP. I wonder why that is. (Solved)
6) Hotkeys need to be next to techs in technique availability (Solved)
7) GTs need their power costs where LT cooldowns are (Solved)
and GTs need to be highlighted red. LTs can be highlighted green. (Solved)
8) More visual representation is needed.
    *Bars for life, stamina and power (Solved, could do a two layered bar)
    *Black or dark grey messagebox with white text (Solved)
    *More/better options with window sizes, for a wide variety of monitors. [Solved unless my testers say otherwise]
9) Find some way to make the mouse usable on the playfield itself, for targeting and one-shot examining [Solved]
10) Items on the character select sheet need descriptions. (Solved)

AI issues:
11) Monsters sometimes get confused between walls, this is exploitable. [SUMTSO]
12) Some monster movement is counterintuitive. This can be exploited by zigzagging. [Solved]

Anything I missed, or anything that needs to be added or revised further will be dealt with in the next minor version.

Older versions:

Jan 16, 2012 - 0.5 peer review candidate here (revision 4, fixing compatibility issues with 64 bit computers)

In this peer review, I'm specifically looking for information on any bugs I may have missed and any balancing changes that need to be done. E-mail me at deepshock no@spam live no.spam com or IM me at deepshock01 on AIM and Yahoo or my E-mail address on MSN. Somethingawful goons with platinum can private message me instead if they so choose.

Minor revisions:

-Set the build to specifically target x86 architecture. This should solve any problems for 64-bit computers.
-Clarified the version number and the nature of the early-version combat demo.
*- Added a detailed help and information menu
*- Eliminated the following bugs:

Terrain showing up under walls
Colored dots
Different-colored levels
Burkhard's pets don't swap places when I try to sidestep them.
Monster stacking in some cases (knockback/rush trigger this.)
Some minor invalidation/refresh bugs regarding the HUD
Some minor timing bugs regarding enemy positions (anyone also at 0 recovery moves if the active unit performs an invalid action)
Enemies don't move after loading from the main menu
Loading from the main menu is buggy, defeat crashes the game with a null reference exception, enemy placement and map layout differs inexplicably.

0.4.20120108 Jan 8, 2012 edit here       

*- AI and overall speed have now improved significantly thanks to proper A* pathing.
*- Enlarged the main part of the field to font size 8 (done)
*- Made it so that dead players are 100% unaffected by anything (One guy managed to find a case where a dead character was a legal target for healing song)
*- Replaced Absorb (gain power when Volcane is hit with magic while doing this) with Invoke (use stamina for the next lesser technique instead of cooldown) for Volcane's unique ability
*- Made Bloodlust so that you gain HP equal to half an opponent's HP when he or she goes down
*- Removed the tech dropdown list, make the 'use tech' button compatible with the current cooldown list
*- Gave more information about items, possibly with a namechange
*- Allowed for sidesteps/displacements if I bump into an ally
*- Color coded character names
*- Allowed immediate feedback after using a tech or item via the mouse and button.
*- Made it so that panels have character/wall data directly in them to minimize 'for' and 'foreach' loop use (Still needs to be thoroughly verified. Causes the side effect of not being able to pass over downed/dead units.)
*- Allowed cancel key in keymapping
*- Allowed OK to autosave in keymapping
*- Fixed stair up/down inconsistencies, any remaining terrain glitches
*- Expanded usable key range
*- Made it so that squares are visible permanently once uncovered, but enemies are not visible, with the view range being 15 for squares at all times, and the greater of 15 and weapon range for enemies in a viewed square
*- Improved LOS, fixed bugs with the uncover() method
*- Allowed the AI to use unique abilities.
*- Included a look command
*- Added file save/load dialog for game saves
*- Changed Mark to also allow one to view a marked enemy even beyond the view range/fog of war. Useful if Burkhard's using the hawkeye.
*- Gave players 10000 Fari (the currency of the game) and a list of items to buy with it before setting out. Then, remove the random items on the ground to compensate.
*- Implemented extra terrain types and rules for them
*- Implemented a new A* system, eschew the botched dotnetperls one

I'm within a few balance patches and debugging sessions of 0.5 now.

0.4.2 Sept 30, 2011 edit here

·    Implemented a much faster timing system.
·    Moved minibosses (capital letters) to the last four floors of the Caverns al-Azar.
·    Fixed a number of bugs involving techniques, movement, player health state, interface updating, and game win/loss state.
·    Imposed a game-wide rebalance of nearly every mechanical aspect.
·    All AI functionality has been added except for unique abilities.
·    Added a modified version of's A* pathing scheme.


·    Removed level from HP and base weapon damage calculations. Max HP is now Vitality * 40 instead of Vitality * 20 + Level * 250. Base damage is Combat * 4 instead of Combat * 2 + Level * 25.
·    Level only affects base stat gains and abilities learned.
·    Level 1 Stat range has been narrowed, from 30-70 (+10 per interval) to 40-60 (+5 per interval)
·    Weapon rates of attack have been narrowed: Slow is now 2500/speed instead of 3000/speed, Fast is now 1500/speed instead of 1000/speed.
·    Enemy stats (except for speed) are half of player stats, except for minibosses (capital letters) and the ascendant bard.

0.4.1 (Aug 30, 2011) Rogue Temple announcement revision here

-Wider main form design (with data on each side of the playfield rather than above and below it.
-Loading can be done from the intro form
-Save/Load are menu items rather than buttons on the main form
-Extraneous, unused forms removed from the project
-Fixed dark screen bug where the screen wouldn't show unless a button was pressed.

Visual C#/++ 2010 Redistributable Package here



0.4 Beta (August 23, 2011) here

More to follow.