Curriculum Vitae                                        Ph.D. Thesis, 2011
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I use fossil plants to solve geological problems. My research utilizes deep-time fossil plant sequences, integrated together with high-resolution geochemical records located within temporally well-constrained sections to delve into 4 main subjects: 1) global carbon cycle perturbations; 2) paleoclimate change; 3) mass extinction events; and 4) species evolution and radiation.  

Fossil plants are ideal archives for studying these problems, since they are abundant fossils, often of high diversity assemblages, and the relative immobility of plants forces them to adapt to changes in climate and other evolutionary forces.  I use a combination of data types to investigate the fossil record, including stable isotopes, ammonites, pollen, magnetic reversals, and geochronology.  

The combination of these tools allows me to develop high-resolution paralic and terrestrial records to unravel the driving forces for key events in Earth's history.