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About Us | the Order of Alhambra

The International Order of Alhambra founded in 1904, is a social and charitable Catholic organization of men and women (age 18 and over) dedicated to assisting God's special children, the intellectually and developmentally disabled. Barcelona Caravan chartered in Dearborn, MI has been serving the community since 1960.


  1. Promoting fraternalism and sociability among members and their families.
  2. Identify, mark, preserve, and commemorate Catholic historical places, events and persons of international importance.
  3. Assist the intellectually and developmentally disabled.

Caravans of the Order host field trips, boat rides, circus trips, picnics, Christmas parties, dances, etc. and provide scholarships to students pursuing careers teaching the cognitively impaired. Along with the Caravans of the Great Lakes Region we also maintain “Alhambra Houses” for the intellectual and developmentally disabled and operate St. Francis Camp on the Lake which provides a very special summer experience.

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Caravan Officers

Grand Commander: Stanley A. Walewski, III

Vice Grand Commander: Clifford T. Wimmer, Jr.

Grand Scribe: Francis J. Tofil

Scribe of Exchequer: Alvin Reau

Grand Chamberlain: John Krause

Grand Advocate: PGC Timothy A. Zigulis

Barcelona 143 – Events Calendar

Feel free to join us for one of our events. Volunteers are always welcomed.

Caravan meetings are generally held at St Thomas Aquinas (formerly St. Raphael Church) in Garden City, MI. (map)

To see the complete Alhambra Region VI calendar click here.

St. Francis Camp on the Lake – Jerome, MI

Looking out over Saint Francis Camp on the Lake

A personalized camping experience for intellectually disabled individuals.

St Francis Camp is a non-profit organization dedicated to the belief that cognitively impaired children and adults should have the right to experience life to its fullest. St. Francis Camp was founded and established by the Order of Alhambra of Michigan in 1984 and continues to receive assistance from the Michigan and Western Ontario Regions, fraternal organizations, as well as interested organizations and individuals.

Contact us today or go to our camp website to find out more.

St. Francis Camp on the Lake Logo