BarCampSG7 notes

The images are available for download and reuse under Creative Commons Attribution Licence. .

The following topics were discussed at the barcamp by about 300 participants. We will continue to update the links as we get them.
  1. LiesDamned Lies and Linguistics by @vanzaj (slides)
  2. Slow Social Media - Tired of real time. Its time for a slow movement. @benjaminjoffe
  3. Anatomy of my startup's epic design fail - Getting Singapore iPhone users to do the impossible -  @guyishen
  4. One ring to bind them all. How to source and buy diamond rings by @bleongcw on slideshare
  5. Hey I founded a tech startups OH SHIT I CAN'T CODE! @elishatan on slideshare
  6. How to easily communicate math in online forums @intmath
  7. Pivotal Expert - Helping find students to turn ideas into gold @danieltsou
  8. Fixing the Talent Pool, The Startup Roots way - @derrickko @startuprootssg
  9. Video Analytics Computer Vision - Technology and Applications by Yaro"
  10. Hacking RC cars to connect to mobile, FB, UTube
  11. Foldable biking in the City - What to consider how to get started - @brainopera and @onetom
  12. Mobile web and app backend using Drupal by Maung
  13. Get Published in the ST Forum @yuhui  on slideshare
  14. What works: A review of what makes tech startups succeed @dlieberman
  15. Attraction 101 by @saifaidating
  16. How to choose a CDN (Content Distribution Network) by @sajal
  17. Why ebooks really suck and what we should do about it by @katong
  18. Digital naturalism - How digital species adapt to ecosystems by @benjaminjoffe blog post
  19. How to get funding from corporate VCs @singtelinnov8
  20. 12 years of personal growth in 20 minutes by @jamesnorris_
  21. The tech conundrum: if you are a startup should your outsource or build your own team in-house? And how? Some best practices. @bleongcw blog post
  22. The Next Big Thing In Social - It's not privacy by @aen
  23. What's common in Einstein, John Lennon, Kennedy, Steve Jobs? Life w Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD) by @onetom
  24. What can you leverage to start grow and fly your business 
  25. Wordpress in South East Asia by @abanghazrul
  26. How to use your users @vlauria
  27. How to compete/survive against  fortune 500 companies by Tony
  28. Investing in Death by Jacob
  29. Remote drone demo  by Alvin
  30. Why we need Joomla by Agga
  31. Lessons learnt from running founder institute by @jpaine 
  32. Product Design - Useful & Usable Mobile Apps by @isnav
  33. Your Public Face & Bringing Typography to the Web @sarahcdw
  34. Paying it forward, Experience the power of offline social networks by @benjaminjoffe
  35. Web frameworks for six year olds by @sayanee_
  36. 3-D Printing by Raz
  37. FU !! Freelance United for a blissful working environment by @jasonong
  38. Minimal viable product  Where to draw the line, a pull between features and UX by @miestermad
  39. Crash course iPhone Game Creation with Cocos 2D by @jamornh
  40. The role of money and Alternative Economies (And how full-time volunteers survive the big bad world) @minxuan
  41. Hackweekend!! Hacking Hackathons by @brianritchie
  42. Lightning Talks by various participants

Venue hosts and supporters

NUS Enterprise,  the MDA and SingTel Innov8  hosted us at their new technology incubation centre called @blk71.

Barcampsg7 was put up by members and friends.