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Library Environment

I believe that the library environment is intrinsically linked to learning, a well designed library, with interesting and relevant displays almost certainly has an impact on learning and teaching.

In the libraries I have worked in the space has seldom been purpose built, therefore my management of the environment has been purely through encouraging a variety of uses for the space and through display. At The Alice Smith School, whilst I could not change the physical space, I have renovated the interiors of two libraries on a small budget. These libraries are not only showpieces for the school, but environments where students and teachers enjoy coming to learn and teach.

In designing and maintaining these library spaces my goals were to:
  • Offer variety in resources and seating arrangements to enable students choice. Their choices will highlight their individuality and assist teachers to differentiate
  • Find ways to display student learning, not only physically, but virtually. Promote these displays as examples of great work and progress.
  • Create flexible spaces that can be reconfigured easily  to engage different kinds of learners, teachers and to encourage use by the whole school community.
  • Make the spaces friendly, welcoming and fun

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KS2 Library

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Welcome sign
Reading nooks
Library bag storage
Books in series with QR codes
Flexible spaces
Window art