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windows web camera software
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windows web camera software - ViTiny UM03
ViTiny UM03 Handheld USB Digital Microscope / Webcam (up to 320x on 22" Monitor) - Home & Personal Care
ViTiny UM03 Handheld USB Digital Microscope / Webcam (up to 320x on 22" Monitor) - Home & Personal Care
Connect UM03 to your computer (PC) with USB cable included, and view the small details of any area you choose on your computer screen! UM03 is the lightest USB digital microscope with 2M pixels CMOS image sensor, and provides 320x magnification on a 22" monitor. It has the ability to capture images in high magnifications, take standard photos, record videos, and can be used as a web camera. UM03 Home Personal Care USB microscope includes a full set of accessory to examine skin, teeth, ear (for ear wax, not inner ear) & throat. To prevent is better than to cure, and UM03 is the absolutely right and affordable investment on your personal health management. Moreover, UM03 can help you with Educational Research & Environmental Observation including biological sample examination, living creature examination, reading aid, etc. UM03 is a suitable tool to your family. Compatibility: Windows 7/Vista/XP. Accessories Included: Ear Piece (1), Ear Wax Removal (1), Dental Piece (2), Throat Piece (1), Skin Piece (1), USB Cable, Software CD, User Guide. This is a great product whole family can use and enjoy in your home. It gives high quality and clear pictures.

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PDA, Round 3
PDA, Round 3
This is the HP iPaq hx2490, which has now replaced my Palm TX as my PDA device. In case you're curious, I actually had an HP iPaq rx3115 to start off in 2005, back when PDAs were in their glory days (it is very hard to find them anywhere anymore, as they have been replaced with smart phones and Blackberries). By the end of that year, it died and because I purchased the Best Buy extended coverage plan, I was able to exchange it with a Palm TX which had just come out (it's not that I hated Windows Mobile, but I really did want a Palm from the beginning, but at the time, Palm didn't made a device with built-in wifi, so I had to "settle" for the iPaq). The Palm TX was feature-rich with wifi, Bluetooth, consumer-IR (versus shorter-range standard IR), 128MB memory, and a very nice 320x480 display. It was a great device and served me well, and was a life-saver when I had to keep track of items that were destroyed in my basement flood, as well as serving as a reliable secretary during both of our condo moves. This wasn't surprising as Palm's calendar, to-do list, note pad, and contact applications are stellar and it is a dream (and fast) to navigate through everything, especially during those emergencies when you have to access information quickly and easily, like while driving. As great as it was for data management and syncing to a desktop PC, I found that the Palm fell below par in most other areas, particularly web browsing and character recognition. These are areas where Windows Mobile devices shine. So what hapened to my Palm TX? A few weeks ago, it wouldn't power on. I managed to revive it eventaully, but then it permanently died a few minutes later. I still had a few months left on my extended coverage plan from Best Buy, so I took it back to them and they deemed that the device needed to be replaced with a new one. Did I switch back to the Windows Mobile by choice? Not exactly. Palm has apparently discontinued production on the Palm TX, so Best Buy wasn't getting any more in stock. The only equivalent they had in stock (and this was a difficult process as they only had 2 remaining, both at a different location), was the HP iPaq hx2490. It was priced at $469.99. Since my Palm was $399.99 when I purchased it, and they couldn't get another one for me, they did a straight exchange on this one (after a bit of a dispute--thanks Melissa for helping me out on that!) ;) They wanted to give me a Palm Tungsten E2 as a replacement, but this model only has a square screen and no built-in wifi (but it did have Bluetooth and IR). So after over 2 years since my first PDA purchase from Best Buy, I have myself a new one. Again. Without having to buy another one. However, this time I elected to not purchase the extended coverage, and will settle for HP's manufacturer warranty. ----- Here is what I love about the device so far: -Windows Mobile 5. This is better in many ways than Windows Mobile 2003 SE I had on my first iPaq, and much, much more modern than Palm OS 5.4 which I had on my Palm TX. I don't really like the new 2 soft buttons at the bottom of the screen versus the old grey menu bar, but the way the OS handles persistent memory and file storage is a huge upgrade over 2003 SE. The Today screen is much-improved, too. -The screen. Great contrast, colour, brightness, and it has that slippery feel when you write on it with the stylus. Palm's screen was dull, rubbery-feeling, attracted a lot of dust, and horrible to use outdoors. Even though this screen is only 240x320, versus the Palm's 320x480, It's better overall. -Text entry. Palm has Graffiti 2, which is horrible. It shouldn't be a challenge at all, but more times than not, the system decided to interpret my "t"'s as "i ." There was a hack where you could install the far-superior Graffiti 1, but it had a bad conflict with the Blazer browser, so it wasn't an easy trade-off. Windows Mobile has Transcriber (cool but flaky to use sometimes), character recognizer (exactly like Graffiti 2 only reliable), block recognizer (similar to Graffiti 1), and keyboard entry. But even keyboard entry is better in Windows Mobile because you have mouse gestures which makes it super-easy to capitalize characters. -Applications. I was extremely disappointed by the Palm's lack of solid applications when I got it 2 years ago. The Blazer web browser was a joke for browsing anything but text, VersaMail was flaky sometimes, Adobe Acrobat Reader was nothing short of an insult, and there weren't a lot of "cool" applications available. Right away with my new iPaq, I got Google Maps for mobile, which is fast, pretty, and amazing in every way. Adobe Acrobat Reader is wonderful on Windows Mobile. Again, something I really missed when I first switched to the Palm version. -Voice recording. I missed this feature when I didn't have it on my Palm. Even if I don't use it much, it's good to know it's there. -SD and CF slots. My cameras use one or the o
The wife's new toy...
The wife's new toy...
Specs: Operating System: Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Edition, English Microprocessor: Inspiron 1721, AMD Turion 64 x2 TL-56 1.8GHz/1MB Memory: 2 GB, DDR2, 667MHz, 2 Dimm Hard Drive: 250G 5400RPM SATA Hard Drive CD-ROM or DVD-ROM Drive: 8x DVD+/-RW Dual Layer Drive Display: Glossy, widescreen 17.0 inch display (1440 x 900) Video card ATI RADEON Xpress1270 256MB HyperMemory for Inspiron 1721 (integrated) Communications: Integrated 10/100 Network card and Modem, for Inspiron Sound Card: Integrated High Definition Audio 2.0 Wireless Connectivity Dell Wireless 1390 802.11g Mini Card Battery: 56 WHr 6-cell Lithium Ion Primary Battery, for Inspiron 1721 Software: DELL RESOURCE DVD, BACK-Up, INSP1721 Internet Search and Portal Icon Consolidation Application Vista, PC-Restore, Dim/Insp Dell Support, Vista, Dim/Insp Roxio Creator Basic Dell Owners Manual installed on your system,click on icon after system set-up to access Earthlink Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0, for Inspiron MS WORKS 8.5 Network Associates McAfee 8.0 English, 30-day Trial Dell Support Center 1.0 AOL for Broadband AND built in web camera.

windows web camera software
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