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Design T Shirts No Minimum

design t shirts no minimum
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  • A T-shirt (T shirt or tee) is a shirt which is pulled on over the head to cover most of a person's torso. A T-shirt is usually buttonless and collarless, with a round neck and short sleeves.
  • (T Shirt (album)) T Shirt is a 1976 album by Loudon Wainwright III. Unlike his earlier records, this (and the subsequent 'Final Exam') saw Wainwright adopt a full blown rock band (Slowtrain) - though there are acoustic songs on T-Shirt, including a talking blues.
  • A short-sleeved casual top, generally made of cotton, having the shape of a T when spread out flat
  • (t-shirt) jersey: a close-fitting pullover shirt
  • The least or smallest amount or quantity possible, attainable, or required
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design t shirts no minimum - Minimum (Monographs)
Minimum (Monographs)
Minimum (Monographs)
Presenting a wide range of images embodying the themes of reduction and of clarity through austerity, Minimum draws inspiration from the same sources that have shaped the designs and ideas of objects and buildings for millennia. The book both embodies and presents a sequence of ideas that have influenced John Pawson and other artists in their search for simplicity. Minimum is a visual essay by a well-known architect, both expressing and embodying the ideas of reduction, of simplicity, of austerity and of repetition. The pages reveal stark but beautiful images of architecture and engineering, of ceramics and furniture, of photography and works of art, from many periods and cultures, that all combine to express the idea of simplicity. As the author explains in his introduction, these ideas find expression in art and design and have their beginnings in the realms of religious and philosophical convictions. The austerity of a Cistercian monastery or the simplicity of a Zen garden are both emanations of the same urge to reduce, to make clear, to unburden. Through a sequence of carefully orchestrated pictures, this book clarifies the way in which this mode of thinking has inspired the work of artists and architects from Ancient Egypt to contemporary Japan. Minimum is a work of art in its own right. Its design and production values help to reinforce the ideas of the author, creating an extraordinarily beautiful and desirable book, now available in a paperback edition that represents excellent value for money.

From the ancient Egyptians to the Shakers to Louis Kahn, there's always been something fascinating about the power and purity of minimalist architecture. John Pawson calls it "the excitement of empty space," and this important book displays it on every page. Pawson breaks down the elements of minimalism into mass, light, structure, ritual, landscape, order, containment, repetition, volume, essence, and expression, and his clean photographs both enliven and exemplify his principles. It's a book every architecture buff will want to study and enjoy.

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Hi, these are not really photos, but i think theses pictures go directly in your direction too and have to be known I hope you will contribute to success this decisive action: together we can. -------- Message original -------- 2011-1-1 The day of change Nobody ignore the worrying state of the planet anymore, Life on Earth, either in terms of the terrible human suffering and misery, or global climate disaster, environmental, health state, long time threats which have become active realities. Each passing day we destroy a little more life around the world, we assassinate forests, oceans, dry the Dead Sea, destroy entire species result of millions of years of evolution, dump millions of tons of pollutants that accumulate, concentrate and spare no area of the globe and poisoning any life. Each day that passes, we are increasing the world population, we are depleting more "natural resources", we sink deeper into a deadlock and reduce our chances of escape. Each passing day the rich get richer, the poor poorer and more likely every day that passes we give life a higher price than fewer people can afford. Every day that passes, we wipe out a little more surely the future of our children, however, totally innocent of this situation and to whom we owe all the opposite. Wether we have or have not thought about it before making them, what is happening, what we do or let do is the legacy that we leave them: it is a certainty of disaster and suffering closer and closer. *It is our own responsibility, and now* to change it to a gift because Life have to be one. In the current world state and its degradation accelerating, it is not even certain that an immediate, radical and optimal change of attitude allows humanity to avoid the consequences of disordered committed but it's our only room for maneuver. Do nothing, stay confident is being the one who, falling from the 50th floor, said one meter above the ground, "so far, so good"; it's perhaps to hope to avoid the worst but it's leaving care to our children to know it. It's not on the edge of the abyss that we have to think of changing course, those who run the bus will probably have left it before and enjoy the speed, but the passengers are our children. Humanity has exceeded a point that it would even never reach: even though a large majority of people already live in an inhuman misery, we use what we call the natural "resources" beyond their threshold of renewal, destroy priceless treasures, poison that remains and continue to emphasize the extent of the disaster. Even in the "rich" countries, the most "developed", each passing day we learn and accustom our children to live in more violence, pollution, nuisance, traffic congestion, injustice, inequality , instability, in less freedom, less space, less health, less humanity, we are at the opposite of progress, the *true development* of civilizations. If we allow this, what is the meaning of giving them life, this life? The growing awareness worldwide of the seriousness of the situation goes hand in hand with our individual feeling of powerlessness to change "the course of things" as if all this was inevitable when *we are yet the only collectively single responsibles!* The terrifying absurdity of this situation is matched only by that of the "logic" which generates it and that we use and maintain, either voluntarily or forced, in our life, our daily work: logic in which, the more diseases and ill people there are, the more the doctors, the pharmaceutical industry, ... are doing well, the more conflicts, divorces there are, ...the more the lawyers, bailiffs ... are doing well, more cars break down, the shortest they run, more the garages, automakers are doing well ... logic in which each compelled to make this calculation, trapped in these rules and this narrow view, believe see his interest in... the degradation of the whole. Logic of 3 for 2, of amount of business, GDP, only mathematical, quantitative, virtual, financial of pyramidal flows in which the real wealth of the natural world, energy and labor of men are swallowed up and processed on, one side, in virtual financial "wealth" which concentrate at the top, on the other in waste needed to justify this flow. Logic which is designed not to produce goods and services to provide the needs of men, but to produce men and increase their needs to justify continuing to produce, sell, anything, ever more, ever more expensive, to maximize numbers. Logic of *destruction and depletion* of natural resources from which EVERYTHING is made, Logic of *pollution* by processing lines, rejection of pollutants in nature to "save" and to maximize "profits", Logic of *wastefulness*, *waste*, "scrappage" because which is produced MUST be thrown, replaced to continue to manufacture and sell, Logic of *overconsumption* of energy, transport, ... used at all s
Season3: Eps 11 - Sin in the City 8 (photo story)
Season3: Eps 11 - Sin in the City 8 (photo story)
Lark: "He called me while Wren was locked in the bathroom. He was on his way to our place from the airport. The dig went well, so he finished up early and wanted to take us out to dinner to celebrate. I didn't mean to spill details, but I was so upset, and he could tell. You know you can't deny telling him anything when he starts coaxing it out of you." Yuri: "And, after you informed him as to what had occurred..." Lark: "He told me to bring Wren here, and that he had some 'business to take care of'." Emma: "Beating the holy shite out of Brian." Lark: "Yeah, though, I doubt anything that comes out of that a**hole is holy. Anyway, Wren doesn't even know Hawk's home yet. He said he'd come and see her when he's finished." Kumi: "No one else knows about this, then? What about Uncle Fergus and Aunt Bri?" Lark: *shakes head adamantly* "No, ever since dad's heart attack last year, we try and keep the stress to a minimum. This would give him another one for sure, and if mom knew, she wouldn't be able to hide it from dad long. They both hated Brian anyway." Emma (ferociously): "We all hated that sodding wanker, Brian!" Yuri: "True. We barely tolerated him for Wren's sake." Kumi: "Apparently, that was a tactical error on our parts." Everyone: *nods bleakly* Fashion Credits **Any doll enhancements (i.e. freckles, piercings, eye color changes) were done by me unless otherwise stated.** Yuri Skirt & Top: Natasha Heels: Mattel: Barbie Basic Accessory Pack - Look 002 Earrings & Bracelets: Knife's Edge Designs (Me) Doll is a Nu.Fantasy Red Riding Hood Yuri transplanted to a NuFace body. Kumi Jeans: Mattel - Fashion Fever Doll Top: JiaJiaDoll ( Belt: Fashion Royalty - Nu.Face - Great Pretender Lilith Shoes: Jennifer Sue Cameo Choker: Mattel - Ana Sui Barbie Glass Heart Necklace: Knife's Edge Designs (Me) Doll is a Nu.Fantasy Wild Wolf Kumi transplanted to a NuFace body. Emma Jeans: Squeaky Monkey Grey 'Undershirt': Mattel - Fashion Fever Hilary Duff Closet - originally a skirt Juilliard Shirt: Mattel - High School Musical 3 Kelsi Doll - cut off the hood Belt: Cangaway ( Sandals: Jennifer Sue Bracelets: Knife's Edge Designs (Me) Watch: Spin Master - LivDoll Accessory Pack Doll is a Style Mantra Eden Lark Blouse: Mattel - Fashion Fever Doll Skirt: Mattel - Fashion Fever Closet - two skirts stacked Belt: Mattel - Silken Flame Reproduction Shoes: Mattel - Enchanted Giselle Doll Necklace: Knife's Edge Designs (Me) Doll is a Great Pretender Lilith with razor layer cut by me.

design t shirts no minimum
design t shirts no minimum
BrandTech 759075D Minimum Volume 1.5ml, Maximum Volume 3.0ml Semi-Micro PS Spectrophotometry Cuvette (Pack Of 500)
This semi-micro BRAND plastic cuvette has a min volume of 1.5ml, and max volume of 3.0ml. It is an excellent choice for most spectrophotometry applications in the visible range. Manufactured from polystyrene (PS), it provides accurate, reliable results, even at wavelengths as low as 300nm. (For wavelengths below 300nm, see our UV-cuvettes.) The disposable semi-micro cuvette accommodates most sample volumes, and is compatible with most spectrophotometers and photometers. The cuvettes includes an arrow mark to indicate direction of transmission and reduce variation and adapts to the needs of most laboratory applications. Semi-micro cuvettes require only 1.5ml of sample volume to provide reliable, accurate results. It is manufactured from high-quality materials, and grouped by manufacturing mold cavity number to ensure the lowest variation in extinction coefficient. One of the world's largest producers of cuvettes, BRAND's 15 years of experience manufacturing quality cuvettes is your assurance of reliability. Size: Semi-Micro. Minimum Volume: 1.5ml. Maximum Volume: 3.0ml. 500/Pack. BrandTech #: 759075D.