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Barbies Make Up Games

barbies make up games
    make up
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  • Barbie is a fashion doll manufactured by the American toy-company Mattel, Inc. and launched in March 1959. American businesswoman Ruth Handler is credited with the creation of the doll using a German doll called Bild Lilli as her inspiration.
  • (Barbie (film series)) Since her film debut in 1987 in ', Barbie has been a virtual actress starring in several feature films and short films.
  • (Barbie (song)) "Barbie" is a song written by Bruce Morgan. After already having the instrumental track recorded, the vocals were recorded Feb. 8, 1962 by Brian Wilson of the American pop band The Beach Boys and the Wilsons' mother Audree during their early years as a recording group.
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Tagged ¦
Tagged ¦
Tagged! (I guess it's quite obvious which is me~ ^_^) I've been tagged by Mouldysweets ^_^ So here's 25 random facts about me. Pardon the orange-y photo.. =X 1. HunnyBunnyMunny comes from: Honey (boyfriend), Bunny (the zodiac year that i'm born in), money ($, just because it rhymes well tgt) 2. I used to love barbie dolls when i was a kid but they were not mine 3. My primary school best friend lent me one of her barbies and we would play dress up, snatch for each other's Ken and ended up quarrelling =X LOL! 4. My parents only bought my first and only one barbie doll when i was 12 yrs old for getting good grades. 5. I got my first Takara Blythe doll, Sunday's very best, at the age of 17 which was quite a great deal for me because i was surviving only on allowance back then~ 6. Gradually, i got a total of 4 blythes and started learning sewing on my own by trial and error. 7. Everything changed when i met Kaya, who is now an ex-colleague and good friend of mine ¦ 8. She introduced me to the world of Pullips, Taeyangs and dals and that was when i got my first pullip and dal (Caitlin and Leah) 9. I had so much fun! 10. My pullips, taeyangs and dals number gradually increase as i began selling my blythes because i could no longer love them as much. 11. And i had to let go of my first blythe, which makes me real sad after that. =.( 12. I have never joined in a large group of doll gathering but would love to try someday~ 13. I just got my first bjd recently and i'm totally in love right now! XD 14. I used to think people owning bjds are weird because i used to see some1 carrying a bjd while shopping in town (and because that person looks real weird too) lol! 15. I just realised i haven't talked much about myself~ xp 16. I love anything green tea / matcha ¦ 17. My favourite food are Japanese cuisine 18. And my favourite Ramen is Tonkotsu Ramen covered with juicy corn bits 19. I'm into my 3rd 100ml bottle of Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume ^_^ 20. I have a boyfriend who is 1 year younger and we are in our 40th month now~ ^____^ 21. My youngest sister is 16yrs younger than me~ (people always mistook me for her parent) =/ 22. Pink is my secret favourite color.. 23. I used to be a very sporty person =X 24. It took me half an hour to type this and 3mins of your time to read~ xp 25. I love my hobby! XD So the game is to tag your Pullip friends if you want them to know some information about you to the hopes that they will share some information about them too. Since you have been tagged in this photo you have to post your photo and write 25 random things that you wanna to share about yourself. Don't forget to tag me too!
Guess who?
Guess who?
My previous post got me thinking about my childhood, so here I am (just for fun) in December 1982 - 2.5 years old! Our house of 9 people was undergoing much needed extensions & in the meantime I loved climbing up those bricks :) I was always climbing up things, running on our cul de sac barefoot, falling, hurting myself, needing stitches, playing in the summer rain. I did not like wearing skirts, I wanted to be free to run and jump! I remember having so much fun and loads of friends, we knew the entire road and often played outside. I remember dragging my 'too big for little me' dolls across the road to my friends houses, decorating shoe boxes, cutting the windows and doors out to make it into a house for our little tiny dolls, we also used to make sofas out of matchstick boxes which we would decorate with nice paper. ( I was an artist in the making from a young age :) :)). Using my mum's washing buckets as a swimming pool for my barbies, asking my mum for some dry pasta, beans, rice and pretend I was cooking, the green grass often served as lettuce, making clothes for my barbies, cutting their hair. I remember all the games we used to play and spending alot of time outside in sunny Brazil :) I remember loving my next door neighbour's dog, a collie called Lassie, like the film. But I could not have a dog because my mum didn't like their smell :( But it's ok because I have Cookie now :) I remember my dad having an orange lambretta and taking me and my brother for a ride. I also remember being very feisty and didn't like if my older brothers or sisters made fun of me. To be honest I'm still feisty! :) If I could go back in time it would be this time! I'm so privilege to have a great & close family. I had such a happy and fun childhood :) A great start in life! My life only got complicated once boys got involved, but that's another story hehe :) © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED - please DO NOT share my images on your blogs or websites.

barbies make up games
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