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Two Fat Ladies Cooking Show

two fat ladies cooking show
    cooking show
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Welsh Rarebit Souffle
Welsh Rarebit Souffle
I recently rediscovered Two Fat Ladies and now I'm obsessed with the show. I love everything about it, from the two well traveled and intelligent women with zero pretense, to the cozy kitchens and their Agas, to the Cornishware and pudding bowls they use (now very expensive, I discovered when I tried to buy them online). I also like their easy recipes for good solid British food. This Welsh rarebit is Jennifer Paterson's recipe but be warned: the Cooking Channel's post is all wrong - there is no way 8 oz of cheese and 4 eggs are for 2 servings! The poor slice of bread will collapse from all that cheese and egg! My guess is that it's for 8 servings and someone should fix it. Here's my version for 2 slices: 2 oz grated good quality cheddar cheese 1 egg, separated Worcestershire Dijon mustard, or dry Coleman's, or a mixture of the two Tabasco 2 slices of good dense white sandwich bread ("not slimy white slice") salt and pepper Heat the oven to 450F and toast the bread. Combine the cheese, egg yolk, Worcester, mustard, Tabasco and salt and pepper in a bowl and mix. In a separate bowl, whisk the egg white to get it fluffy and hold a stiff peak. Carefully fold in the egg white into the cheese mixture. Spread the mixture onto the toast slices, making sure to cover the edges so the bread doesn't burn. Put in oven and bake until the cheese and egg mixture has souffled, and the tops are golden.
Two Fat Ladies
Two Fat Ladies
365 Project: Day 36- 05/02/11 Have been breezing through [for the up-teenth time] the Four series of Two Fat Ladies the last few days. Sadly, I'm at the last episode of the Fourth series which was cut short by the untimely death of one half of the portly duo, Jennifer Patterson. This was one of the first cooking shows I really got into back in the late 90's. I mean come on, what's not to like? Two British ladies... cooking morbidly unhealthy food in interesting locations... outbursts of politically incorrect observations... a vintage Triumph bike WITH sidecar... and off key singing?! What's not to love there?

two fat ladies cooking show
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