Cooking Apples Recipe

cooking apples recipe
    cooking apples
  • (cooking apple) an apple used primarily in cooking for pies and applesauce etc
  • A medical prescription
  • A recipe is a set of instructions that describe how to prepare or make something, especially a culinary dish.
  • Something which is likely to lead to a particular outcome
  • A set of instructions for preparing a particular dish, including a list of the ingredients required
  • directions for making something
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Apple Crisp (recipe)
Apple Crisp (recipe)
Apple Crisp Filling 1/2c sugar (less if you're using sweeter apples) 2T flour ? tsp cinnamon 1/8 tsp cloves (can add pinch of nutmeg or allspice too) 3 lb apples Topping 1 ? cups quick oats ? c flour ? cup brown sugar ? cup white sugar ? cup butter (room temperature) ? tsp cinnamon Mix apples and filling ingredients, put in 9 x 13 glass pan. Mix topping ingredients together (using a fork to incorporate the butter) and sprinkle on top of the apples. Bake at: 375 for 45-60 min (until the apples are done)
Apple pastry
Apple pastry
ingredients: 1 Apple, cinnamon powder, 1 leaf puff paste, sugar, peel the apple and bore out the core. put the cinnamon powder and sugar on the apple. fold the puff paste on the apple put cinnamon powder and sugar on it. put it in the oven at 180 degrees for 20 minutes. serving hot

cooking apples recipe
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