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  • Barbie is a fashion doll manufactured by the American toy-company Mattel, Inc. and launched in March 1959. American businesswoman Ruth Handler is credited with the creation of the doll using a German doll called Bild Lilli as her inspiration.
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  • "Barbie" is a song written by Bruce Morgan. After already having the instrumental track recorded, the vocals were recorded Feb. 8, 1962 by Brian Wilson of the American pop band The Beach Boys and the Wilsons' mother Audree during their early years as a recording group.
  • Since her film debut in 1987 in ', Barbie has been a virtual actress starring in several feature films and short films.
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barbie fashion designer games barbie fashion designer games - Barbie Design
Barbie Design and Dress Studio Doll
Barbie Design and Dress Studio Doll
The Barbie Design and Dress Studio allows girls to design real fashions for Barbie doll. Girls choose a dress to decorate, colour and embellish it using stencils and fabric marker, then tear away the paper frame to create a one-of-a-kind real outfit for Barbie doll! The aspiring fashion designer will have all the things she needs to design the best Barbie fashion ever. Set Includes: 1 Barbie doll 4 flat fashions 1 dress (packed on the doll) 2 plastic stencils 1 holographic sticker sheet 3 colour marker pens 1 pair of shoes and 1 necklace. Suitable for ages 5+

Season5: Eps6 - Sin in the City 7 (photo story)
Season5: Eps6 - Sin in the City 7 (photo story)
Kumi: “What area specifically—designer, photographer, model, agent?” Mione: “Well, a model, but, um, it’s…*looks down, scuffs toe into the floor* not gonna happen for me.” Kumi: “Who says?” Mione: *shrugs* “I know I’m not pretty enough. Or tall enough. Or—” Kumi: “Stop right there, kid. Don’t ever let anyone tell you what you are or aren’t. The only opinion that matters is yours. If you start thinking you’re not this or that, then you’ve already lost the game. Understand?” Lizzy & Mione: *nod, their little faces grave* Kumi: “Now, I’m not saying you’re right for modeling, and I’m not saying modeling’s right for you. But if it’s something you want—really want, because I’m going to tell you right now it’s not all pretty clothes and jetting off to fashion week—then you go for it. And you keep going for it until you obtain your dream or find another dream you like better. Got it, short-stacks?” Mione (reverently): “You…Are…So…Sick!!!” Lizzy: *nods* “Soooo sick!” Kumi: “You bet I am. Tell your friends.” Yuri: “That was eloquently expressed, Mi-Mi.” Kumi: “Yeah, well, it takes a village, children are our future, and all that shi—” Yuri: *eyes widen in horror* “KUMI!” Kumi: “—tuff.” Lizzy: “Miz Kumi Callaghan’s Sister?” Yuri: *smiles* “You may call me Mrs. Monroe, if you like, Lizzy. It is Lizzy, is it not?” Lizzy: *nods* “Uh-huh! Mrs. Monroe, what do you do, if you’re not a model?” Yuri: “I own an art gallery.” Lizzy: *gasps, eyes growing so huge they nearly eclipse the rest of her face* Mione: *smacks Lizzy on the back* “Breathe, Lizard!” Lizzy: *lets out a ‘whoosh’ of air, squeaks* “Really?! I-I-I…“ Mione (helpfully): “Lizzy paints. She’s really talented, too! She sells, like, a b!tch-ton…*winces* Um, I mean bunches of her stuff on Etsy.” Yuri (intrigued): “Really? Happenchance, do you have any samples of your work with you?” Lizzy: *sputters* Mione (earnestly): “Nope, but I’m sure she’d be happy to bring some by your gallery, if you wanna take a look. I swear it’d be worth your time. She really is good.” Lizzy: *shoots a grateful look at Mione, nods quickly* “I’d be honored, Mrs. Monroe.” Yuri: *opens her purse, pulls out a business card, and hands it to Lizzy* “Call me sometime next week, and we will set up an appointment. Of course, a parent or guardian will need to accompany you as well.” Lizzy: *face clouds for a moment, then brightens* “Um, sure. Okay. My sister can probably come…” Fashion Credits **Any doll enhancements (i.e. freckles, piercings, eye color changes) were done by me unless otherwise stated.** Yuri Dress: la pierle ( Belt: Randall Craig RTW – April in Paris Shoes: IT – Fashion Royalty – Going Public Eugenia Purse: Dressmaker Details – Twinkle Tweed Moon Strand Necklace: Knife’s Edge Designs (me) Earrings: Me Doll is Nu.Fantasy Little Red Riding Hood Yuri transplanted to a NuFace body. Lizzy Dress: MGA - America’s Next Top Model – fashion separate (I think.) Jacket: Spin Master – LivDoll – distressed by me Belt: Mattel – Barbie Basics – Collection 001, Look 003 Shoes: Momoko separates Hat: Jennifer Sue Bag: Cosmos Sweetheart Momoko Pins (on the bag): Nikki in Wales Necklace: Me Doll is a Lacy Modernist Momoko.
Tag Games: Front Row
Tag Games: Front Row
Take a Photo of a Fashion Show and your dolls who are front row :) Thanks for the tag: Frankiedoll, Dia 777, xxxHexBoyXX, BarbieCollectionXD2! Front Row Girls: (Left-right) Naudia, Shalani, Porsha, and Addison, All the front row girls have been in the agency and modeling industry for years. In a way they are sort of vip status. Addison is actually the designer of this fashion show, all of the dresses are her creations. She got to use models from the same agency she works for, Barbie Basic Fashions Agency which is run by former supermodel Brooke Anderson. Models in show (1st-Last) Abigail in white, Onyx in pink, Jessie in red, Doureen in red with scarf,and Noureen in the pink strapless. Excuse the setup, it could be better, but I have been so busy lately!