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Top Fashion Cities In The World

top fashion cities in the world
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top fashion cities in the world - Cities
InCities, the acclaimed historian John Reader takes us on a journey of the city?from its earliest example in the Ancient Near East to today’s teeming centers of compressed existence, such as Mumbai and Tokyo. Cities are home to half the planet’s population and consume nearly three-quarters of its natural resources. For Reader, they are our most natural artifacts, the civic spirit of our collective ingenuity. He gives us the ecological and functional context of how cities evolved throughout human history?the connection between pottery making and childbirth in ancient Anatolia, plumbing and politics in ancient Rome, and revolution and street planning in nineteenth-century Paris. This illuminating study helps us to understand how urban centers thrive, decline, and rise again?and prepares us for the role cities will play in the future.

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Manhattan from Long Island City
Manhattan from Long Island City
Gantry Plaza State Park, Long Island City, Queens The Chrysler Building, a stunning statement in the Art Deco style by architect William Van Alen, embodies the romantic essence of the New York City skyscraper. Built in 1928-30 for Walter P. Chrysler of the Chrysler Corporation, it was "dedicated to world commerce and industry."- The tallest building in the world when completed in 1930, it stood proudly on the New York skyline as a personal symbol of Walter Chrysler and the strength of his corporation. History of Construction The Chrysler Building had its beginnings in an office building project for William H. Reynolds, a real-estate developer and promoter and former New York State senator. Reynolds had acquired a long-term lease in 1921 on a parcel of property at Lexington Avenue and 42nd Street owned by the Cooper Union tor the Advancement of Science and Art. In 1927 architect William Van Alen was hired to design an office tower to be called the Reynolds Building for the site. Publicized as embodying new principles in skyscraper design,*' the projected building was to be 67 stories high rising 808 feet, and it was "to be surmounted by a glass dome, which when lighted from within, will give the effect of a great jewelled sphere."-' In October, 1928, however, the office building project and the lease on the site were taken over by Walter P. Chrysler, head of the Chrysler Corporation, who was seeking to expand his interests into the real estate field. Walter Percy Chrysler (1875-1940), one of America's foremost automobile manufacturers, was a self-made man who worked his way up through the mechanical an; manufacturing aspects of the railroad business before joining the Buick Motor Company as works manager in 1912. Because of his success in introducing new processes and efficiencies into the automobile plant, he rose quickly through the administrative ranks of General Motors (which had absorbed Buick) before personality conflicts with William C. Durant, head of General Motors, forced Chrysler to leave. In 1921 he reorganized Willys-Overland Company, and then took over as chairman of the reorganization and management committee of the Maxwell Motor Company, eventually assuming the presidency. This enabled Chrysler to introduce in 1924 the car bearing his name which presented such innovations as four-wheel hydraulic brakes and high compression motor. Over 50 million dollars worth of cars were sold the first year, and in 1925, the Maxwell Motor Company became the Chrysler Corporation, Dodge Brothers was acquired in 1928 giving the Chrysler Corporation additional manufacturing facilities, a famous line of cars, and putting it in a position to challenge the leadership of Ford and General Motor By 1935, when Chrysler retired from the presidency of the Chrysler Corporation to become chairman of the board, the company was second in the automobile industry ir. volume of production. It was while Chrysler was aggressively expanding his corporation in 1928 that he took over the office building project from Reynolds. In his autobiography, Chrysler said that he had the building constructed so that his sons would have something to be responsible for. He could not have been unaware, however, that the building would become a personal symbol and further the image of the Chrysler Corporation — even though no corporate funds were used in its financing or construction. To that end Chrysler worked with architect William Van Alen to make the building a powerful and striking design. William Van Alen (1882-1954) studied at Pratt Institute before beginning his architectural career in the office or Clarence True, a speculative builder. Severs! years later while continuing his studies at the Beaux-Arts Institute 01 Design in the atelier of Donn Barber, Van Alen entered the office of Clinton * Russell as a designer. In 1908 he won the Paris Prize of the Beaux-Arts Institute and entered the Ecole des Beaux-Arts and the Atelier lLaloux. According to architect Francis S. Swales, " His work at the Ecole indicated that the training was providing him with the mental freedom necessary to think independently, instead of merely the usual school -cargo of elements of architecture and a technique or competition by rules."0 Returning to New York in 1912 he introduced the concept of "garden11 apartments and also designed the Albemarle Building, a skyscraper without cornices. In the 1920s he became known for his innovative shop-front designs and for a series of restaurants for the Child's chain. With the Chrysler Building, Van Alen was able to apply modern principles of design to the skyscraper but at the same time created such a striking image that critic Kenneth Murchison dubbed him "the Ziegfield of his profession. 'In the 1930s he pioneered in prefabricated housing designs although they were never widely produced. Van Alen served for four years in the 1940s as director of sculpture for the Beaux-Art
Bay City Mall map
Bay City Mall map
A map of Bay City Mall as it looks in November 2010. Orange spaces are vacancies. Starting from Sears and working down to Target then back, these are the former stores I remember: *The gray space next to Sears is storage. I don't think it was ever leased. *I think the ISD space was some sort of clothing store. *Bay City 8 theaters swallowed a couple storefronts over time to add two more screens in the late 1990s, and then expand the lobby in 2009. The lobby gobbled up what used to be Pac Sun and was previously a shoe store (FootAction USA, I think). * f.y.e. was Record Town. It still has a Saturday Matinee sign inside. *Three vacancies to the right of America Eagle, L-R: Pearle Vision (formerly NuVision), Wilson's Leather and B. Dalton. Pearle Vision and B. Dalton both closed in 2009, and the Wilson's space had a couple temporary tenants. *To the right of Bath & Body was Lerner, which closed ca. 2003. Lerner also took up the Justice space; for some reason, the remaining 2/3 of the store just can't seem to hold a tenant. Over time, it's been Campus Den and various other temporary stores. *Gift Barn (formerly Red Barn) was a Lane Bryant. *The area around Hot Topic used to be two storefronts that faced out into the JCPenney wing. One was AfterThoughts and the other was last used as a scrapbook shop. After both closed, they were redivided as seen. *Auntie Anne's and the space behind it used to be a sort of semi-arcade that had console games set up in it. *The spaces above Zales were GNC's first location and a suite that was never leased. This whole area was also redivided to make a new Zales and a gift shop that's now closed. *Christopher & Banks was Braun's. *Hollister was a gift shop called Stadium, and I think a clothing store before that. It might have been a Limited; I know there was one in the mall somewhere. *Deb used to be Fashion Bug, which consolidated with a store across the street. *Dunham's was always there, but it was only 2/3 this size at first. The other 1/3 was a dollar store, a 1/2 Off Card Shop and the 2nd location for Red Barn. *Bon Worth was originally K-B Toys and later the 2nd location for Red Barn. *Media Replay has been various little shops over time, none of which I remember. *The L-shaped space to the left of Avon has never been leased. *Sveden House Buffet took the triangular space below Avon, the skinny space next to that, and 1/3 of what's now Old Navy. Later, the triangular section became a Sylvan Learning Center. There was very briefly a scrapbook shop in the lobby of the old Sveden House, but the rest has never been leased since it left in the late 1990s. *Old Navy took the former location of Deb, the back end of the former Sveden House, and a previously-unleased mini suite. *Shoe Department (formerly Shoebilee!) gobbled up a space that used to be Campus Den and was something else before that. *The space to the left of Shoe Department was Finish Line. *GameStop was EB Games. *The space below Regis has never been leased. I remember a Josta vending machine set into the wall here. *Younkers was Prange's when the mall opened in 1991. *World Nails expanded at some point, taking over a suite that probably was unleased before. *Kay Jewelers was JB Robinson. *CJ Banks isn't original, but I can't remember what used to be here. *Tapper's Gold was Foot Locker, then a local store, then Foot Locker came back for a short time. *To the left of Radio Shack was Hallmark. For the 2010 Christmas season, this is a Calendar Club. *Cingular was Ritz Camera, then a clothing store for a short time. Trade Secret shaved off part of the old Ritz Camera suite. *The wedge shape to the left of Cingular was Fanny Farmer, then a hamburger shop, then a coffee shop, then Trade Secret. *Aeropostale was County Seat. *Perfect Blend was Original Cookie, then Mrs. Fields/Pretzel Time. *GNC took up two food court suites that I don't think ever had anything in them. *Along the "food court", working downward from Tilt!, you have a short-lived coney island, a suite that was never leased. Then New York Pizza, a short-lived pizzeria in a VERY long-abandoned Villa Pizza, then the Chinese place, then A&W (later H&W -- no lie), then another never-leased suite. There was a Freshens Yogurt in the food court at some point, but I don't know where. *Chen's Buffet was Ciao! *The space above MasterCuts was Andrew's Jewelers, then another jewelry store. *And finally, the big L-shaped space was originally Dollar Tree and some never-leased space. This later became a library for a while. The mall tried to get the library to make it a permanent location, but it was turned down. More recently, they tried to get another dollar store in here, but it never opened.

top fashion cities in the world
top fashion cities in the world
Book of Cities
Ever wondered what people are doing in cities all over the world at any given moment? Piero Ventura’s charmingly illustrated children’s book—appreciated by both young and old—brings bustling scenes of major cities to life in intricate detail. This facsimile edition of Ventura’s original book, first published in 1975, provides a colorful, educational, and unique tour of major world cities. Delight in each city as you look for the London policeman holding up traffic, children shoveling the heavy snow of the side streets in Moscow, clerks waiting on customers in a huge Parisian department store, or the steam rising from the Chinese food cooking on a tiny houseboat in Hong Kong. The finely drawn illustrations and humorous details in Book of Cities are a celebration of the many ways people live, work, travel, and have fun in the major cities of the world.

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