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fashion games la
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fashion games la - MGA Lalaloopsy
MGA Lalaloopsy Doll Tippy Tumblelina
MGA Lalaloopsy Doll Tippy Tumblelina
Your child will enjoy playing with the Tippy Tumbelina Bitty Button Doll. The Bitty Buttons are rag dolls that magically come to life, taking on the personalities of the fabrics used to make them. This Bitty Button Doll lives in a colorful, silly world full of magic. Bea SpellsaLot was sewn from a schoolgirls uniform so she is a real smartypants, who always follows the rules and loves to talk. Her pet is an owl.LaLaLoosy Doll Bea SpellsaLot * Includes an adorable pet * Includes a promise certificate * Includes a collectible poster

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photo from theatre de la mode book.i recommend this book.
photo from theatre de la mode book.i recommend this book.
Theatre de la Mode takes you to Paris, France, in the 1940s where you feel the emotions and realities of the war. A series of historical essays tell the story of couturiers, set designers, milliners, shoe and glove makers, jewelry designers and other artisans joining together to create a show of their fashions in miniature. Nina Ricci’s son Robert first conceived the idea as a way to showcase Paris’ fashion industry while raising money for war victims. The 27" tall dolls and their sets toured major cities of Europe and the United States, beginning in Paris and ending in 1946 in San Francisco. There, after the exhibit closed, jewels worn by the dolls were sent back to France, the sets were presumably destroyed, and the dolls disappeared into storage in the basement of the City of Paris Department Store. Rescued in 1952, the dolls were donated to a new museum, Maryhill Museum of Art in southern Washington. The original book was written for the 1990 opening of the exhibit of the "lost dolls." After Stanley Garfinkel, a professor from Kent State University, first discovered their existence and they were sent back to Paris for renovation, the sets were rebuilt and the show opened at its original location, the Pavillon Marsan at the Louvre. The book was translated to English when the exhibition opened at the Metropolitan Muesum of Art in New York, but has been out of print since 1991. Now, for the First Time, Lovers of Couture Can See Enlarged Photos of all Existing Mannequins and Large Color Photos of the Sets! Pati Palmer has loved the dolls since visiting them at Maryhill as a young girl. She has introduced them again and again to attendees of The Palmer/Pletsch Couture Workshop, who have been visiting the dolls at Maryhill since the mid-1990s. While there, she learned that Maryhill had hopes of resurrecting the book and Palmer/Pletsch, being a publisher, decided to do it...if the new version could be an enhancement of the old by including photos of the re-built sets and larger photos of the 170 dolls so designers and sewers could see the details. This new book has all that and more. Recent history has been added including the licensing by the Tonner Doll Co. of re-creations of some of the Theatre outfits on their limited edition dolls. Theatre de la Mode was adopted by the United Federation of Doll Clubs for their 2002 convention in Denver, Colorado.
war fashion
war fashion
Paren la guerra y toda tradicion que la apoye. Juguetes, juegos de video peliculas y todo lo que, lo que propone esto. No queremos mas heroes. Stop the war And the whole tradition to support it. Toys, games, video films and everything, which is proposing this. We want no more heroes.

fashion games la
fashion games la
Barbie My Fab Life Clothes - Roller Skating Fashion Outfit
Every day is perfect for fun fashion play! With these awesome, sparkle-chic styles, kids can get Barbie® doll and friends looking boogie-tastic for the roller disco. Clothing set includes: a shimmery pink & blue Halter style top, a pair of shimmery silver Capris w/pink & silver thread Sash "Belt", a shimmery pink & blue 1 Piece Shorts/Top w/blue ribbon ties at back of neck & pink ruffle down front (front top to hip area), a shimmery silver Skirt w/blue tulle "overskirt" (starts at hips to just above hem), a shimmery pink & blue Top w/sheer blue ruffles down front & under bust, a shimmery silver mesh Bolero Jacket, a blue plastic Visor, a pair blue plastic Leg Warmers, & a pair of pink & white Roller Skates. Roller skates are shoes that do not actually roll. For more dress-up play, check out Cheer Practice and School Life fashion sets (sold separately). Age 3+

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