More Cooking Games For Girls

more cooking games for girls
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1955-03-10 Wayne County Training
1955-03-10 Wayne County Training
WCTS Girls Win State Championship Saturday, March 5th, the Wayne County Training School girls brought more honors to the City of Jesup by winning the Georgia Interscholastic Association Class B State Championship in basketball. The tournament was held in the new gymnasium of Albany State College, Albany, March 3, 4, and 5th. The "Tigerettes" under the able leadership of Mrs. Martha Rawls Smith had to settle for second place last year, but this year they were not to be denied in their championship bid. The "Tigerettes" played the District five champions Adel in the first round and in a hotly constested game defeated them 53-41. Their semifinal opponents were the girls from Butler who went down before the sharpshooting "Tigerettes" 44-23. In the finals the "Tigerettes" faced the District four champions Carver High of Douglas and there was great discussion concerning the Jesup vs. Douglas game by the coaches present, the game being considered a toss-up because Douglas had defeated Cartersville in the semifinals 74-34. The three Jesup forwards were not to be stopped however with Lillie Wright hitting for 19, Lonnie M. Ports 26 and Betty Frazier 21. Carver was defeated 66-48 giving the "Tigerettes" their first State Championship since 1949. Principal Robinson wishes to thank all citizens who help to make the "Tigerettes'" trip a successful one.
It was my first night on an island in Fiji... my first sunset in paradise. As I took an evening stroll down the beach before dinner I walked to the side of the island where the villagers lived. Always considering myself a traveler and never a tourist I took this opportunity to interact with the beautiful Fijian culture. I played in the ocean with the young boys and rugby with the older ones, as the girls sat among the palms and made jewelry and trinkets for tourists. In Fijian culture the men gather the food and the women cook. It is at this time, right before dinner, when the men can relax and the kids can play. With the typical Fijian family having 6 to 8 members and each contributing to the maintenance of the family, the dinner meal is a shared time were all members can join together in laughter, chit chat, and rejoice in life and being with the ones they love. Fijians live a very modest life, with their houses being nothing more than some sheets of metal and a thatch roof with some wood and twine holding it all together. Although they live modestly, they rejoice in family and the life they live. (Photo by Ryan Evans)

more cooking games for girls
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