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Chinese Cooking Ingredients

chinese cooking ingredients
    cooking ingredients
  • (Cooking ingredient) Cooking is the process of preparing food by applying heat. Cooks select and combine ingredients using a wide range of tools and methods. In the process, the flavor, texture, appearance, and chemical properties of the ingredients can change.
  • of or pertaining to China or its peoples or cultures; "Chinese food"
  • Belonging to or relating to the people forming the dominant ethnic group of China and widely dispersed elsewhere
  • Of or relating to China or its language, culture, or people
  • Taiwanese: of or relating to or characteristic of the island republic on Taiwan or its residents or their language; "the Taiwanese capital is Taipeh"
  • any of the Sino-Tibetan languages spoken in China; regarded as dialects of a single language (even though they are mutually unintelligible) because they share an ideographic writing system

Dried barley seeds as food ingredients
Dried barley seeds as food ingredients
Spoonful of dried barley seeds, commonly used as a food ingredient in many Chinese cuisine and desserts. For food and beverage, and diet and nutrition concepts.
Chinese rice wine
Chinese rice wine
SHAO HSING - cooking rice wine Pflaumenchiew - dessert wine

chinese cooking ingredients
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