BIG Ideas
Monthly learning connections - The BIG Idea this year is change.  We have 4 areas and several questions within each area.


The steady rain continues
you can hear it all around.
Bringing life to plants and animals
as it beats upon the ground.
Like a heart beat, the musical drum.
A comforting life-giving sound.
~ Bennett  Wesley  Riley  Maris  Olivia

The Snow Leopard's Call
The snow leopards call is how they communicate.
It's dinner time the call says.
Just like mom, 
calling you for dinner.
The snow leopard runs at top speed for dinner.

The leaves unfold as the warm sunshine
opens the book of spring.
The tree flowers bloom like the images in a good book.
As a child turns the page a new season begins!
~Gracie    Myles     Nick      Joe

The elephant herd walking
slowly to the water hole.
A daily march in search of life.
A sound gets their attention.
Like a family they work together
to defend themselves.
Surrounding the little ones, 
looking for danger.
~Kate   Hannah   Annabel

Content Connections
 How does this relate to the curriculum?  There are several views on content enrichment and best teaching practices that I could get into HOWEVER,
the answer is much simpler.
The study of changes are far greater than any one content curriculum by itself. 
Social Studies as we study famous mathematicians and the circumstances and consequences of their discoveries. 
Math as it relates to  time and explorations.  We are studying how mathematical ideas are developed and changed through history.
Language Arts as the students are exposed to new things, their abilities to relate to the experiences of others improves comprehnsion.  It also gives them new persepctives for their journal topics.
In Science, the students learn how adding energy in the form of heat or mixing can affect physical changes.  Ingredients cause chemical changes.

We studied diaper Polymers to create a common experience to describe change.  

So how does it relate to the content and curriculum?  In just about everything.