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Oregon Tire Chains

oregon tire chains
    tire chains
  • Snow chains, or tire chains, are devices which are affixed to the tires of vehicles to provide superior traction when driving through snow and ice.
  • (tire chain) chain attached to wheels to increase traction on ice or snow
  • A state in the northwestern US, on the Pacific coast; pop. 3,421,399; capital, Salem; statehood, Feb. 14, 1859 (33). Many Americans arrived via the Oregon Trail during the early 1840s; by 1846, Britain formally ceded the territory to the U.S
  • a state in northwestern United States on the Pacific
  • Oregon is a jazz and world music group, with core members Ralph Towner (guitar, piano, synthesizer, trumpet), Paul McCandless (woodwind instruments), Glen Moore (double bass, violin, piano), and Collin Walcott (percussion, sitar, tabla)
  • The Oregon Files are a group of novels written by author Clive Cussler and co-author Craig Dirgo and later co-author Jack Du Brul. The books follow the mysterious "Corporation" and its leader Juan Cabrillo.

Cycle Oregon
Cycle Oregon
See that tiny little green sign? One of Cycle Oregon's sign team members climbed all the way up there to hang it. It reminds riders to "Check Brakes & Tires". The "Sweep Team" (responsible for clearing the course of signs at the end of the day) didn't find this quite as funny as I did.
Deparking the Bike
Deparking the Bike
Pulling the bike away from the rack outside Bailey's Taproom in downtown Portland, Oregon.

oregon tire chains
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