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Barb's Clean and Shine Cleaning Service
Family owned and operated business that offers the highest quality, professional home and commercial cleaning service .

            Daily,Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly,One Time, and      Move-in/Move-out Cleaning

Barb's Clean and Shine Cleaning Service

has the experience, the personnel, the equipment,
and the desire to provide you with consistent high-quality service
 day after day, all year long.

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We are currently working in your neighborhood

Weekly - Biweekly - Monthly - Special Occasions .


We provide our own cleaning supplies and equipment.All the cloths and equipment we use are fresh and clean.when we start to work in your home.This is for your safety and ours

Barb's Clean & Shine
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          Services Provided:

House Cleaning   

Moving Cleaning
Retail,Factories, Offices
Apartment Building Cleaning
Cottage Cleaning
Birthday Parties
Kid's Parties
Baby Showers
Buck & Does
New Years Parties
Graduation parties
Stripping & waxing floors
Carpet Shampooing


Real Estate Cleaning


You have SOLD your House

Bet, you can’t wait to move and start unpacking


You still have to clean the old house

For the new owners



Barb’s Clean & Shine

 Gananoque & Kingston Area

For $150.00

·         Wipe down walls  &  light fixtures for cobwebs - Wipe out all cupboards & shelves

·         Vacuum ,  Sweep & Scrub all floors & Baseboards- 

·         Clean  and polish all bathrooms and sinks - Sink thoroughly cleaned and disinfected

·         Tub and shower tiles cleaned and disinfected - Chrome fixtures cleaned and shined

·           Toilets disinfected inside and out including base and behind

·         Vanity top cleaned and disinfect - Mirrors cleaned

·         Wash interior windows

-  Shampoo all carpets-Extra

·         We Take the garbage with us - One Bag Limit

We than lock up leaving a clean house that you can be proud of

For the new owners

We will also clean Your new Home before you move-in


Green Cleaning


Green Cleaning is the use of services and Products, that diminish the health and environmental impact compared to other services and products and used for the same intention.

Another meaning for Green Cleaning is to clean to protect human healthiness while minimizing the impact to the Environment. Its aim is to look after the health of building occupants, guests and cleaning personnel, as well as reducing polluting effects on our planet.

 We feel by used environmental Friendly products, we are doing our part in saving the planet and taking care of our clients.




Pets in the House ? No Problem
We Love Animals
We can walk your Dog while we are there
Change the Kitty Litter
Let your Pet in & out in your fenced in yard while we are there


Declutter Your House. Do you need Help?

Dear Friend

You may think your house is dirty, but it’s not, you just need to  declutter. You may think that everything that’s in your house, you will use again, but that’s not true! .These things are just taking up space. You still have clothes from high school, get rid of them! Declutter shelves and closets, get rid of those dishes and furniture from your first apartment and have a garage sale and make some money.

  •  START NOW! Don’t Put off the task off decluttering, you can be one step closer to a more organized home.
  •  SETUP SCHEDULE: Even 1 hour a week is  a good start.
  •  BEGIN: Do the smallest job first, a little at a time ,this way you will not be over welled
  •  TARGET: Finish the first decluttering job you are working on before you start another job.
  •  YOU CAN’T DECLUTTER OVER NIGHT: Decluttering is a slow job; take your time for best results.
  •  BE FIRM: Will I ever wear or use this again or is it just gathering dust?
  •  DON'T MOVE CLUTTER AROUND: Get rid of it now. Get a Dumpster.

  •  RETHINK EACH ROOM: Get some storage items such as a new bookcase, filing cabinet, and shoe rack.
  •  PUT CLUTTER TO GOOD USE: Recycled, given it to charity or have a yard sale or second-hand clothes shop.
  •  HIRE A PROFESSIONAL: They will work with you, release your stress and the job will go faster.

Declutter Fast

Helpful Tips from Barb
Here is a great  ebook on Decluttering  your home to do it yourself


Declutter with Me

Declutter with Me.Do you need my Help?

Phone today to set-up a appointment for a free appraisal on decluttering
your home.
We will assist you in a step by step guide in making this tack as easy as possible.Let us take the stress out of the job.
Decluttering your home is the first step to healthier living and keeping your home clean.

Barb's Clean and Shine