Rank and Merit Badges
All scouts who earn Rank and Merit Badges should receive cards for their rank and merit badges. These cards come from the TAC office in Italy. To get these cards, you MUST send your advancement forms to the TAC office. These forms can be faxed and mailed.
Eagle Requirements
Eagle Scout Projects: All Eagle scout projects must be written and submitted on the NEW Eagle Scout project workbook. There will be no exceptions. Every question on the project proposal must be answered. You do not have to go into a lot of detail, however, you must give the basic important information. The project must be submitted to for Approval. The project cannot begin without approval. Once part 1 is approved, you can begin the project. Details of the project are filled out in part 2 of the workbook. Part 2 does not have to be approved.

When the project is completed, the rest of the project book MUST be completed. The project book is a major part of the Eagle Board of Review. The project book (all parts) must be present and in a presentation form. That is put together in a notebook or a way that makes it easy for the board to review.

The Eagle Project Book is available in fillable form on the National Scout web site. The file currently on the TAC site is the old form which is no longer accepted.

Eagle Boards: - In preparing for an Eagle board, the following rules must be followed:

The candidate must complete all requirements including a scout master conference prior to his 18th birthday.

Fill out the fillable Eagle application with supporting documentation and signatures and submit to the TAC office in Italy.

Once Italy has approved the application for a Board, the board can be scheduled. You must schedule the board with Maria Lock, the district advancement chair. If Maria is not available to conduct the board, she will appoint someone to take her place.

After the Board has been completed, all paperwork must be faxed and then mailed to the TAC office. Keep copies of everything.

The TAC office will send the Eagle Kits when all has been completed.

Any questions about Advancements contact