INDT 501 Course Projects and Activities

Web Inquiry
I created a web inquiry lesson for Romeo and Juliet. Students will consider different opinions about an aspect of Romeo and Juliet in order to form their own. 
You can view this assignment here. 

Using Voki
To view the talking avatar I created in Voki, please see the "Links" page on this portfolio (linked below). is a website that allows users to create talking avatars. These avatars can be imbedded into websites, blogs, presentations, wherever, to communicate the information on the page to the user. Students who are English language learners would find this might make understanding a little easier.  I can also see how it would be helpful for students with disabilities.  

Creating an Interactive Timeline
Below is a screenshot of the timeline I made on   To see it in action, just click on the picture.  
I thought Capzles was a great site.  I can see how I could use it as the backdrop to a presentation - like a prezi - using the pictures and the text to accentuate the lecture.  I think it could be even better used as a class assignment where the students are responsible for creating the timeline to illustrate something we are learning in class. Overall, it was pretty easy to use and even fun to create. 

Wordle Lesson
Attached is a lesson plan using 
Here is an example of a word cloud create as a sample for this activity.  The lesson set the students up to work in teams creating wordles with the text from Romeo and Juliet. The students will then use the wordles to compare Juliet's words with Romeo's. I am hoping it shows that the two characters are connected, but often motivated be different things.  Below is an example I will use to demonstrate how to use Wordle to analyze text.


Using Google Trek
I used Google Maps to create a Google Trek of Huck and Jim's stops in the novel, Huckleberry Finn.  This was a very easy way to show students exactly where in the world we are talking about while studying a novel (or anything else for that matter).  It isn't much different from Google lit trips, except that I found it less involved and easier to use.  I could see using this as both a teacher created tool, and student assignment.  Mine is just a sample, but the possibilities are endless. 

UMW Blog

IWB Activity
I have created an interactive whiteboard activity for the teaching of Romeo and Juliet.
See the attached lesson plan for lesson specifics and click here to view the online interactive book I created to use for this lesson.

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