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Course Expectations 3

Course Expectations for Spanish III

Sra. Bárbara Hascall


¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español!  I am looking forward to working with you this school year.  What follows is a list of requirements and information to help you be successful this year in Spanish.  Language learning is a process that requires much practice and A LOT OF MEMORIZATION.  By actively participating in the class you will quickly see results – and you will have more fun!  Please do your best to keep current in your work and to ask me for help when you have questions and/or doubts.  The homework calendar should help make all assignments and upcoming quizzes/tests very clear to you so that you can also work ahead or do makeup work in case of an absence.  Look on the Basmati link on the SEHS website (or the website for this class) to find your current grade in the class once you have been given your password. 

Course Requirements

We will be using Ven Conmigo III as our textbook and a workbook as well that was paid for as part of registration. During this year we will be adding a great deal of vocabulary to what you have already learned in first and second year Spanish.  This will enable you to carry on more extensive conversations about yourself and how you look at the world.  Much of class time will be devoted to activities designed to improve your speaking and listening skills.  In addition we will have group as well as individual projects to help you use the vocabulary and grammar that you will learn this year.  By the end of the year we will have studied many new verb tenses including especially the subjunctive which will help you talk about your hopes and dreams as well as what you want others to do for you. The ten chapters that we will study this year will also add to your understanding of the Spanish speaking world through the readings and the videos that take place in different Spanish speaking countries and cities.

Tests will be graded on a percentage basis (89.5%-100% = A, 79.5%-89.4% = B, etc). These will be given at the end of each unit.  There will be weekly quizzes covering classroom material and vocabulary that will usually be given on Wednesdays and Fridays.  The Final Exam counts 10% of the final grade.  Tests, quizzes and projects together make up 45% of the final grade.  A student who receives a 70% or less on a quiz or exam, excluding the Final Exam, will have the opportunity to retake the same test if he/she makes arrangements with me to do so at lunch, before or after school within the same week as the original test.  The two test grades will then be averaged.

Homework assignments are due at the beginning of the class period and constitute 20% of the final grade.  You will have DAILY homework that will take roughly 15 minutes to complete.  Almost all of your homework will be found in the workbook that you should have already paid for as part of your foreign language fees.  Please bring your workbook and textbook to class everyday.  Each assignment is worth 2 points if complete and on time. If a student arrives late to class the homework will then be considered late and will receive on half credit (1/ 2  points)  Occasionally there will be writing assignments and these will be worth between 5 and 10 points.  A student will receive a 0 if the homework is not ready and complete at the beginning of the period.  NO working on homework during class unless given permission!  You will receive zero credit for your homework if you are doing it in class.  It’s called “homework” not “classwork”.  I will not accept late homework unless the student has an excused absence.  The student has a maximum of one day make-up time for each day of an excused absence.  LATE HOMEWORK IS NOT ACCEPTED, EXCEPT FOR EXCUSED ABSENCES OR RARE CIRCUMSTANCES.

Participation is a very important part of your grade (25%)  and is part of the points you receive daily.  Arriving to class on time, always being attentive and on-task, always making an effort to speak Spanish and volunteering often are among those qualities that will result in the highest points.  Students who are distracted, off-task or who need reminders about class etiquette will lose points.  At the beginning of each class students will be assigned on a rotating basis to lead the class in Spanish to speak abut current events or items of interest.  Note that participation is a larger part of your overall grade than homework. Unexcused absences, tardies, displaying inappropriate behavior, having cell phones, ipods, etc. out, leaving papers or trash behind will all affect negatively your class participation grade.  Please do your part to help the class run smoothly and to keep it clean.

Grades will be affected by class participation and behavior.  I will strictly adhere to the school’s attendance and tardy policies. Other behavior that may affect your grades include but are not limited to:  using a cell phone or ipod/mp3 player in class, failure to pay attention in class, working on homework for other classes, speaking out of turn and disrupting the class.  Cell phones/Ipods that are out will be confiscated and taken to the main office where they can be claimed at the end of the day.

The Final Exam makes up 10% of the final grade.


In summary, grading is based on:               

Homework                                                                      20%

Class participation                                                           25%

Weekly vocab quizzes and chapter tests                           45%

Final Exam                                                                     10%

Extra Credit:

There will be just a few opportunities for extra credit in this class.  For every list of new vocabulary you will have the opportunity to copy each word in English one time and to write the equivalent in Spanish three times.  You may also make vocab flashcards for extra credit.  These need to be handed in/shown to me in order to receive extra credit.


A student who has five or more unexcused absences will receive less than full credit.

Please do not interrupt the class at any time for special requests to leave the room.



Academic Integrity

Students are expected to do their own work and display honesty and academic integrity.  Getting help on homework assignments is appropriate but copying homework is not.  There will be many opportunities in class for collaboration and these will be clearly announced.  Dishonesty, however, such as copying or comparing answers on tests or quizzes, allowing another student to copy one’s work, etc. will result in a zero for that assignment or test and the teacher will report the incident to an administrator and fill out an incident form.

Foreign Language Department Policies

The Pass/No Pass option is available to any student but must be requested by the end of the first week of classes.  A Pass will be given for A,B, and C grades.  A grade of D or F will constitute a No Pass.

Any Incompletes will need to be made up within 6 weeks or will change to an F.

Textbooks are due back to the AV Room on the day of the Final Exam in June. 

Cell phones and Ipods must be turned off and stored out of sight during class time.  If they are seen or heard they will be confiscated until after school.

In general food is not allowed in the classroom but there will be occasions when it’s appropriate.  Water is always okay but, as with everything, I ask you to make sure you clean up after yourself.  Always look around your desk before you leave to make sure you are not leaving anything behind.


What I expect of you:

Foreign Language classes are interactive and cooperative.  In order to be successful, you will need to pay close attention in class, come ready to work, be respectful of your classmates and teachers, complete assignments on time, and avoid distractions to yourself and others.

Being off-task, not bringing your book, workbook, or writing supplies, or even sitting in class and doing the work but not saying anything in Spanish during class discussions will reduce your ability to receive an A in this class.  Your effort to participate will make a huge difference in your ability to learn.  I only ask that you try your personal best.

Have your class materials with you each day.  These include your textbook, your workbook, paper and pen/pencil, extra lead for mechanical pencils, a spiral notebook that you will use for the translations assigned. I highly recommend that you have your own English/Spanish dictionary since there are very few classroom copies.  A 501 Spanish Verbs is also recommended.

Be respectful of your classmates, your teacher and of school rules.


Appropriate modifications and accommodations will be made for identified special needs.