I'm an observational astrophysicist that's likes low-mass stars and exoplantes and wants to unravel all their mysteries. I was born in Chile, I lived in Santiago until I moved to Ithaca NY for graduate school, I lived in NYC for ~ 2 years, and now I'm living in Porto.       

    I did my PhD at Cornell University, where I developed a technique to estimate their metallicities and temperatures using features present in their near-infrared spectra (that work got two prizes! AAS Doxsey and ASNY Grad paper). After gradschool, I was a postdoc at the AMNH, working with Sébastien Lépine, and now I'm a FCT fellow at the IA-CAUP, in the group of EXOEarths

        I've been involved in outreach and teaching since undergrad school. At Universidad de Chile, I was the teaching assistant of the astro intro course. At Cornell, I participated in several outreach activities and enjoyed being the leader of the “Rockets!” workshop in conferences encouraging teens to follow careers in science and technology (EYH and Focus For Teens). I also was one of the teaching assistants in the astro intro courses during my first two grad school years. At the AMNH, I was involved in the After-School Program and Nasa Science Research Mentoring Program (SRMP), being the instructor of the “Stars” course, and the mentor of 3 high-school students every year. Since 2014, I'm a member of the GalileoMobile project.

       I was the president of the student body of the departments of Physics and Astronomy at Universidad de Chile. At Cornell, I held several officer roles in the CHilean ASsociation at Cornell (CHAS) and Graduate Women in Physics (GWP) student organisations, and at the AMNH, I was one of the founders of the Postdoc group.

    I love ice-cream, super8s and Mr. Darcy. I like to dance, knit, read mystery novels, watch the extended versions of TLOTR movies, play Super Mario games, travel, watch and play football and ride my bike. Most of my friends call me Babs.