Card Readings

When preparing a client for a reading I find a quiet atmosphere along with filling it with the aroma of sage in the air. This willl enable the client to work through a brief meditation which will eliminate the clutter in their mind and allow, through their thoughts, the power animal and its "spirit" to enter. The animal, with its message and my interpretation of your concern, will help you to realize your personal power and offer you direction to strengthen your mind and soul connection.

It is a wonderful way to successfully experience your pathway to your future.

A few examples of animals and their messages...

The Eagle -
Represents your connection with your soul. It will help you to see beyond the mundane to your higher purpose. It can be a spiritual test or a test of courage.

The Dolphin -
Represents life breath and communication and will help you with interpreting your dreams.

The Hummingbird -
The messenger of joy for living and helps to show beauty in all things. Says perhaps you should journey into your personal pain and know that your sorrow is your joy in another direction.

Some ways of receiving animal guide messages are:
  • Through Meditation
  • Observing animals and their behaviors
  • Through a reading where you will bring on your animal and its message through thought connections