About Me

I am an Animal Card Reader and Life Counselor. I have been in the field of personal healing for many years. With 20 years of Special Education Behavior Techniques along with my healthy lifestyle business, Barbara's Healthy Weighs, I offer seminars and personal consultations.

It seemed only natural through my love of Native American philosophy to expand my teachings to include working with the "medicine" or "spirit" that each animals possesses.

Working through private consultations on behavioral changes, it is possible to make a path towards the future of knowing your mind, body and soul connections.

~My Philosophy~
My philosophy of life can be said in a few different ways...

I believe "Feeling good is your right - Claim it!"

believe "If change is to be, it will begin with me. The trick is what one emphasizes. We either make ourselves miserable or we make ourselves STRONG. The amount of work is the same!"

Chose well - Your choice is brief - and yet endless...


"I got a reading from Barbara Kruck at Artbeat in the Heat, and she told me some very interesting things. The main message is that I am on two (or more?) divergent paths right now. She said it’s not necessarily a bad thing, but these paths are definitely divergent. I believe that my efforts as a  promoter and event planner has taken away from my growth as an artist, and I need to return to my path as an artist."

"I don't know much about Native American culture, but Barbara does. She lives it, breathes it, studies it. She's traveled around the spiritually rich Sedona, Arizona many times, taken courses and workshops in Native American history and culture, and tunes in herself to spiritual forces that surround us and can only be found in nature...Barbara has a way with healing, and brings her compassionate touch to others in need of a little guidance. She does this with her Native American Animal Card readings."

"Barbara and I teamed well and we got another opportunity to present yesterday at the Tosa Senior Club...Barbara Kruck says that to make healthy lifestyle changes, you need commitment to change. She says that in order to have commitment, you need to have more reasons why you would like to change than the excuses not to change...Her philosophy is to consider healthy lifestyle as consisting of three main components: nutrition, physical fitness and mental mind-set."

"Barbara Kruck is an Animal Totem and Medicine Card Reader. She has been in the field of personal healing for many years and through her love of Native American philosophy has expanded her healing to work with the "medicine or spirits" that each animal possesses. She will work with you through a meditation and together they will help you to find your life path. You will be able to realize your personal power and strengthen your mind, body and soul connection."

"Entering Barbara Kruck's condominium is like walking into one of the homes inhabited by the Pueblo of Arizona and New Mexico. Dream catchers and southwestern artwork hang on the white, adobe-textured walls, cactuses grow in decorative clay pots, a small round fireplace sits in the corner and American Indian flute music plays in the background...Kruck has always believed in the American Indian philosophies of living harmoniously with the Earth and its creatures, strengthening the mind and the spirit, natural healing and the circle of life."

"Artisan Interviews with Barbara Kruck Vitality Fine Art Show 'Creating Life Pathways' Event at Kradwell in Tosa"

You are a very special woman! Thank you so much for your time and knowledge. I thought deeply about all the information you provided with me. It has helped me to go forward with decisions that are right for me. My future is bright indeed with hope and many possibilities!

Thank you for giving me an animal card reading. I really enjoyed it. I liked how you had me pick a card while I meditated on a question or concern to find deeper insight. I liked how you first explained about the animal characteristics and then you gave your spiritual interpretation of how that animal is present in my life with the concern I had. Very insightful! I would recommend you to anyone looking for a connection with their animal spirit guides and direction for their future. Blessings to you.

You are a wonderful reader and an incredible human being. Thank you for showing me how my animal spirit is waiting to help me in the course of my journey. I understand now how different animals come throughout our lives to assist us.