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Pictures © Barbara Knowles and Demeter László

Why support this work? These projects aim to protect a very special part of Europe - our last great medieval landscape, rich in flora, fauna and tradition. You can help its inhabitants to make a better living in a modern context while continuing to manage the land sustainably. You can support the development of markets for environmentally friendly produce. You can help us to catalogue and protect the region's special wildlife and wetland habitats.
The easiest way to support these projects is via our JustGiving page Your money goes straight to the Adept Foundation, which is managing the fund for these projects. If you are a UK taxpayer, we get an extra 25% by this route.

You could also visit this beautiful part of the world and make sure your money stays in the region. Stay with local families, use local guides, eat local food. An English guidebook is available to download here.


© Barbara Knowles
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