It has come to the attention of our community that Barbara Anne Weston Chandler has contracted AIDS.

To help we have created this website to bring awareness to her plight.

We wish to help her by donating money to AIDS research foundations and charities.

We need to help out so that Barbara can be here a good long time to take care of her autistic adult son Christian.

Without Barbara, Christian will not be able to take care of himself and will more than likely die of disease or starvation.

By helping out you will be keeping both Barbara and Christian alive.

We ask all of you to please donate and pray for the Chandler family.

We also ask that you do not hold Barbara's past sexual promiscuity, infidelity, and house keeping skills against her.
Nor should you hold her son, Christian's, perceived homosexuality, semen drinking, sexism, and racism against the family
during this difficult time.

Sadly Christian is in extreme denial of his mother having AIDS. He has reverted to telling everyone his mom has a colon infection and needs to lay off spicy food and sugary drinks. Please be gentile with Christian, but the best way to help him is to set the story straight with him and remind him of the fact that his mother is suffering the slow death of AIDS.

Thank you.

In a cooperation with Sony Corporation of America a fund raising sale of Christian Weston Chandler's PlayStation Network and all of his gaming content is being held.

Sony has helped us by giving us access to Christian's PSN account and is giving us rights to sell off the content.

We are also going to try to coordinate with the Chandlers themselves and organize a sale of all of Christian's unused games to help bring the family money for medical bills.

If you would like to donate or buy Christian's games to help the family please email the site master at: