History of Barangay Cambaro


 The name Cambaro came from the word “Come and Borrow”. Legends say that a long time ago, there lived some supernatural beings that built a great city in Cambaro.  The people in the said place “Come and Borrow” clothes and other things from these beings like kitchen tools needed for certain occasions and wedding gowns for matrimonial ceremonies.

          During the American times, it was noted that the locals in this sitio were in the borrowing trade. They named their little trade as “Come and Borrow”. This type of business becomes famous in this area that most of the locals entered this kind of trade. Other people especially those who don’t know how to speak English but heard of the trade would reply after being asked where did they got the money they had with them, “Cambaro”. So, that was how this little sitio become known.

          Barangay Cambaro used to be a part of Barangay Looc. It was then called Cambaro, Looc, Mandaue City. But because of the growing populations of this barangay, Cambaro has to be separated and thus, a new barangay rose in the City of Mandaue.                       


          [In 1965, Cambaro was separated from Looc, however, it was officially declared as separate barangay in 1967 as per former Barangay Kagawad Alejandro Bongo, Sr.]   


          Barangay Captain Amado Sungahid was the first Punong Barangay of Cambaro when this was separated from Barangay Looc. The following is the list of Punong Barangays who served:


Years                                        Punong Barangay

          1967-1971                                Amado Sungahid

          1982-1994                                Rogelio “Eliot” Jayme

          1994-1997                                Ananias “Nani” Alindajao

1997-2010                               Vicente Domasian
And now serving .....

          2010-2013 (Present)                 Maria Celma C. Sanchez